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Digitalizing your Rewards Program in the Philippines

Gone are the days where paper vouchers or coupons offering as much as 50% discounts. If you’re an entrepreneur, marketer or even HR professional looking for effective and easy to administer rewards for your employees, you must now think digital. It is proven by numbers that an enticing deal will make your customers come back […]

3 Reasons Why Premium Pass is the #BestGiftEver

Halloween is finally over, and it can only mean one thing for all of us – Christmas season is officially on! Aside from the usual corporate Christmas giveaways, businesses’ usual go-to gifts this season are gift certificates. There are various reasons why employers prefer giving gift certificates to their employees instead of material gifts, and one […]

Best Loyalty Program Practices that Works

Are you an entrepreneur or a marketer who wants to further increase and improve your profit? Do you want to gain happier and more satisfied customers? In your marketing plan, do you have a Customer Loyalty Program? If none, you must consider having one because having more loyal customers can have a big impact on your […]

Benefits of Implementing a Digital Rewards Program

Woman using the phone with reward screen on table

The introduction of the internet, social media, mobile apps, and the likes have been a significant contribution to our lives. Not only that it made things easier for us, but it also became a part of our everyday routine as well. In this modern age, almost everyone owns a mobile phone, a computer, and is […]

3 Easy Tips to keep Your Customers Loyal in the Digital Age

3 Easy Tips to keep Your Customers Loyal in the Digital Age!

As the business environment continues to evolve, companies must adapt as well to the changes in terms of their business approach and marketing strategies. Any program that has worked for your organization in the previous years may no longer be effective in the coming years. This also applies to your loyalty program. Given these days […]