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3 ways to gamify your sales incentives

11 April 2024

Do you ever wonder why collecting stickers to get a planner has become a bonafide hit? Or how leaderboards can be seen in almost every video game? It could be the dopamine talking, but it’s a scientifically proven fact that people love to repeat behaviors that yield positive effects.

This is where gamification comes in handy. Yes, even for crafting your sales incentives strategy.

What is gamification?

Simply put, gamification is a method that involves game-like elements (i.e. earning points) to boost motivation. It taps into people’s innate desire to be recognized for their achievements.

Why gamification?

Sales Channels

Studies have proven the effectiveness of sales gamification. In fact, it was found that about 95% of employees enjoyed using gamified elements in the workplace. Another survey found that about 72% tend to work harder with this method in place.Gamification enables productivity because it activates our need for autonomy, mastery, empowerment, and influence. It also effectively breaks down big goals into smaller achievable chunks and adds an element of fun to often serious tasks.

How to integrate gamification to your sales incentives strategy

1.Hold contests for top-of-funnel activities

It doesn’t always have to be about which team has the highest revenue for the week. Think about KPIs that drive sales from number of outbound calls, meetings set, or total of demo walkthroughs. It could even be a weekly flash challenge during mid-week slumps to keep things back on track.

Sales Channels

2. Have a visible leaderboard in place

Healthy competition among your sales channels is always a good strategy. Instant recognition improves motivation and yields positive reinforcement. While you’re at it, how about adding badges for mastery or progress? You can send in weekly leaderboard emails as a virtual pat on the back or have a portion of your next town hall dedicated to this.

3. Reward significant milestones

Enable joyful moments with rewards that let your sales channels live their best life. A promise of a prize for significant milestones gives people something to look forward to, making challenging tasks exciting to do. 

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Final thoughts

Regardless of your industry, gamification improves motivation, rapport, and productivity. It’s time to put the fun back in sales quotas and targets. Sign up here to know how Pluxee can help you amplify your sales channels incentives.