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Digital Rewards

Digital Rewards

A world of opportunities with digital-first rewards
Backed by a rich heritage of employee experience and engagement, embrace endless possibilities with instant and memorable digital rewards. Choose your rewards journey via app, SMS, and email, and start enabling joyful moments today.
Digital Rewards

Pluxee Gift credits

Looking for a convenient digital rewards solution with easy distribution via web portal and different ways to redeem in-store or online?

With Pluxee Gift credits, you can manage the distribution of recurring incentives in the form of digital gift certificates from a web portal straight to your employees’ Pluxee Philippines app.

Why choose Pluxee Gift credits?

  • Accepted in over 10,000 merchants nationwide
  • Partial redemption up to the last centavo
  • Easy, real-time, and contactless rewards management via web portal
  • Access to online and app-exclusive merchants
Digital Rewards

Pluxee Gift codes

 Looking for a way to simplify the gifting experience with emails and texts?

With the Pluxee Gift code, you can distribute your customizable digital gift certificates via email or SMS with a web portal.

Why choose Pluxee Gift codes?

  • Accepted in over 6,000 merchants nationwide
  • Can be customized for acceptance in select brands and spending categories, e.g. dining, shopping, health, etc.
  • Add your own message for a personal touch
Pluxee Gift code

Pluxee Gift cards

Looking for a universal digital voucher in a physical format accepted in leading merchants nationwide?

The Pluxee Gift card contains a digital GC code that’s protected by a scratch-off silver film at the back.  It can be used instantly by simply presenting the code at the cashier. 

Because it’s digitally-powered, it can be converted into Pluxee Gift credits via the Pluxee Philippines app. It can also be customized to be accepted at select merchants only, depending on your preferences and the design of your rewards program.

Why choose Pluxee Gift cards?

  • Accepted in over 6,000 merchants nationwide
  • Can be converted by your recipients into credits in the Pluxee Philippines app to enjoy partial redemption and access to app-exclusive merchants
  • Can be customized and given as different kinds of benefits, e.g. meal and food, optical, medical, shopping, etc.
SMGP Choice

SM Gift Pass Choice credits

Looking for digital rewards accepted at SM brands and retail affiliates?

With SM Gift Pass credits, your recipients can enjoy redemption at over 74 SM stores and affiliate brands nationwide.

Why choose SM Gift Pass Choice credits?

  •  Can be redeemed at top brands within the SM network like SM Department Store, Uniqlo, Sports Central, and more
  • Partial redemption up to the last centavo

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