Effectively engage your employees from different generations

12 April 2024

Is your organization a multi-generational workplace? It’s time to get to know more about your people and what keeps them motivated!  

 But first, do you really know the difference between these generations working for your company?  

Baby Boomer


Baby Boomers (1946-1964)  

  • Likes doing things the traditional way  
  • Known for their strong work ethic, loyalty, and prefers a face-to-face work set up  
  • Gives importance to company tenure for future benefits and rewards they could get  


Gen X


Gen X (1965-1980)  

  • Prioritizes work-life balance, independence, and adaptability  
  • Open to learning more about new things  
  • More adaptable to the fast–changing workplace environment  




Millennials (1981-1996)  

  • Values work-life balance, personal development, and social responsibility  
  • Advocates diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace  
  • Prefers workplaces with a people-first culture  


Gen Z


Gen Z (1997-2012)  

  • Flexibility is everything  
  • Prefers workplaces that give them enough credit where it is due  
  • Quick to adapt to new technologies  

Pros of a multi-generational workforce:   

  1. Different Perspectives: Teams that have multigenerational workers will likely produce efficient outputs due to the broad range of skills and backgrounds present, thus, presenting new ways of working and strategies.  
  2. Learning Opportunities (knowledge transfer): there is room for mentorship and peer-to-peer training where younger employees can also share their perspectives on trends, especially in technology.  

Tips in managing a multi-generational workforce:  

  1. Be adaptable to different communication styles and learning styles  
  2. Provide learning and upskilling opportunities  
  3. Be open to feedback  
  4. Avoid stereotypes  
  5. Motivate them with meaningful rewards that can cater to different lifestyles, needs, and preferences.

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