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Employee Experience

Employee Experience

Let your team live joyful with rewards and benefits that enable memorable experiences.
Together, let’s create personalized solutions to boost morale and enrich your employees’ everyday lives. 
Employee Experience

Choose your employee experience journey

Looking for a way to make milestones and rewards more meaningful?

Choose your rewards journey via SMS, email, app, or physical scratch card and start enjoying endless possibilities with our widest merchant network today.

Why choose Pluxee Gift (app, SMS/email, card)?

  • Accepted in over 12,000 leading merchants nationwide
  • Select your preferred merchants where the reward can be redeemed
  • Add your own message for a personal touch
Employee Experience

Digitalize your recurring incentives

Looking for an efficient solution for recurring allowances and bonuses?
With Pluxee Gift credits, you can manage the distribution of recurring benefits in the form of digital gift certificates from a web portal straight to your employees’ Pluxee Philippines app.

Why choose Pluxee Gift credits?

  • Accepted in over 10,000 merchants nationwide
  • Partial redemption up to the last centavo
  • Easy, real-time, and contactless rewards management via web portal
  • Access to online and app-exclusive merchants
Pluxee Gift card

Go for digitally powered tangible rewards

Looking for a tangible solution for your employee incentives?

The Pluxee Gift card is a digitally powered physical card that can be used instantly at our wide network of partner merchants. A silver film strip at the back can be scratched off to reveal a digital voucher code for instant use whenever, wherever.

Why choose Pluxee Gift cards?

  • Digital, yet tangible
  • Can be converted by your recipients into credits in the Pluxee Philippines app to enjoy partial redemption and access to app-exclusive merchants
  • Can be customized and given as different kinds of benefits, e.g. meal and food, optical, medical, shopping, etc.
Employee Experience

Customize according to more specific rewards programs

With Pluxee Gift paper, you can personalize your rewards journey by selecting your preferred merchants from our wide merchant network, adding redemption mechanics, or placing your own company logo. 

Why choose Pluxee Gift paper?

  • Tailor-fit your rewards based on your requirements
  • Increase your brand’s visibility
  • Better communicate your rewards program

Considering gift certificates for your employee benefits and sales incentives programs?

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