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Can I use multiple Pluxee Gift codes for one transaction?

  • Yes! There is no limit as to the number of Pluxee Gift codes you can use per transaction.

Can I use the Pluxee Gift credits on the Pluxee Philippines app several times until the total value is consumed completely?

  • Yes! Credits are paritally redeemable so you may use these in different transactions until fully consumed.

Can I use one Pluxee Gift code multiple times until it runs out?

  • No, you must use the entire amount per transaction. There will be no change or “sukli” if the transaction is less than the amount of the code.

Can I use one Pluxee Gift code several times until the total value is consumed completely?

  • The Pluxee Gift code is valid for one transaction only. You need to use the whole amount to maximize its value since no change will be given by Merchants. For more info about the terms of use, refer to our Terms and Conditions.

Can I use the Pluxee Gift code Load Conversion to load a postpaid mobile number?

  • No, the feature of converting the Pluxee Gift code into telco load is only available for loading prepaid numbers.

How do I activate my Activation Code?

You may activate your Activation Code in 2 ways:

Via SMS:

  • Type ACTIVATE (Space) 10-Digit Activation Code and send to +639221000281. Regular SMS fee will apply.

Via Website:

  • Go to and choose Consumer
  • Click ACTIVATE button and enter your Activation Code
  • Choose whether you want to receive your Pluxee Gift code-through SMS or Email

How do I convert my Pluxee Gift code to Pluxee Gift credits?

  • Download the FREE Pluxee Philippines app on Apple App Store or Google Play Store
  • Register your Name and Mobile Number
  • An OTP will be sent to your nominated mobile number and email address to verify your account details
  • Nominate a password
  • Tap Convert Pluxee Gift code on the home screen
  • Enter the 10-digit Pluxee Gift code
  • You will see your updated balance on the home screen of the app once successful.

How do I convert my Pluxee Gift code into telco load for prepaid numbers?

Simply Text: CONVERT<space>10-Digit Pluxee Gift Code<space>Load Amount<space>11-Digit Prepaid Mobile Number and send to 22566123

How do I use my Pluxee Gift credits as payment?

If via GC Code:

  • Tap PAY on the Home Screen of your Pluxee Philippines app and choose “GC code”
  • Enter the exact amount you need to use and tap “Generate Code”
  • Present the generated barcode to the cashier


If via QR Code:

  • Tap PAY on the Home Screen of your Pluxee Philippines app and choose “QR code”
  • Scan the merchant QR code
  • Enter the exact amount you need to use and tap “Pay now”
  • Swipe to pay to complete the transaction

How will I know if my attempts to convert Pluxee Gift code to mobile or telco load are INVALID?

Your conversion will be considered INVALID for the following scenarios:

  • Less/More than the 10-Digit Pluxee Gift code or used codes
  • Other invalid Load Amounts than P50 and P100 (ex. 49, 51, 99, 101 are all invalid load amounts)
  • Less/More than 11-Digit Mobile Number or postpaid mobile numbers.

Is my Pluxee Gift code transferable?

Yes. Just forward the SMS/Email message to your recipient.

Is converting the Pluxee Gift code into mobile or telco load free of charge?

Yes, converting is FREE! Just maintain at least P1 regular load to send a conversion message.

I tried using my Pluxee Gift code at a partnered merchant, but they refused to accept, and they mentioned that it is invalid

Since our Pluxee Gift code is connected to our merchant’s Point-of-sale terminals (POS) via internet connection, from time to time, connection errors will occur, and “invalid” messages will pop-up. If this happens, you may check our merchant locator for other branches or merchants accepting Pluxee Gift codes.

My Pluxee Gift code value is greater or lower than the allowed Load Amount, can I still proceed with the conversion?

No, you can only convert Pluxee Gift codes valued at P50 or P100 into mobile or telco load for prepaid phones

What is Pluxee Gift code?

A Pluxee Gift code is an electronic voucher that is sent to recipients via Email or SMS. It is accepted at exclusive and top preferred Pluxee partner merchants nationwide.

What is Pluxee Gift credits?

Pluxee Gift credits are gift credits in the Pluxee Philippines app, which can be used at over 10,000 merchants and online stores. Credits are partially redeemable, shareable and non-expiring.

What are the available load amounts for prepaid mobile phones?

You can choose between a P50 or P100 load amount. If you try to convert other load amounts, you will receive an error message about the incorrect load request.

What are the participating telco networks for load conversion?

You may convert to any prepaid mobile number of Globe, Smart, and Sun Cellular.

What happens if I register my Pluxee Gift code twice for load conversion?

If you convert the same Pluxee Gift code, or try to convert a used Pluxee Gift code, the transaction will not proceed, and you will receive an error message.

What if I did not receive any verification code?

  • You can tap “Resend” at the bottom of the page.
  • Verification codes and One-time pins will expire after two minutes. If this happened, just tap on “resend” to receive a new code.