Meet the different employees

Essential engagement hacks for different personalities

8 March 2024

Have you noticed how some employees are more receptive to collaboration than others? Or how some can be more prone to stress, while others are more composed when big changes arise? It could be their personality talking. And it’s more than just introversion or extroversion.

According to recent research from employee engagement organization expert O.C. Tanner, employees can fall into five main categories: Socializer, Tasker, Builder, Coaster, and Achiever. Understanding each persona’s nuances can lead to optimal performance. 

How do they behave differently? 

Employee Experience

The Socializer

The most dynamic of all personas, they thrive on connections with colleagues the most. They can be quite persuasive with their ideas because of their heightened assertiveness and positive self-esteem.  The thought of workplace gatherings gets them dreamy-eyed.

Motivate them by: 

  • Public recognition for their contribution
  • Having them lead projects that advance career opportunities

Did you know? When companies strengthen their culture, the probability of quality output increases by 149% for Socializers.

Employee Experience

The Tasker

Just because an employee is quieter, it doesn’t mean that he/she is not engaged. Sometimes, it’s just the way they work. These employees are more intentional and dedicated to the task at hand. They cringe at the thought of office small talk.

Motivate them by: 

  • Custom, personalized, symbolic rewards
  • Showing how their work contributes to the organization’s purpose

Pro-tip: Taskers are known to be more feedback-adverse, so try to use the sandwich approach to soften the blow.

Employee Experience

The Builder

This employee persona has a penchant for practical tasks, but they tend to get lost in unnecessary details. They are highly visual, which is also why they can easily break down complex items into digestible chunks. Their resilient nature is highly regarded. 

Motivate them by:

  •  Rewards they can redeem for fun experiences
  • Praising the unique skillset they bring to the table

Did you know? The right mix of rewards and recognition can bring a 67% increase in engagement for Builders.

Employee Experience

The Coaster

While they’re the type of employees that are more prone to stress, don’t rule them out just yet. Their realistic point of view can be the much-needed voice of reason too. They thrive on one-on-one settings best.

Motivate them by: 

  • Rewards they can redeem for a variety of merchandise they can choose
  •  Showing the impact of their work in a one-on-one setting

Pro-tip: Be mindful not to micromanage Coasters. They love their independence, but you’ll be surprised that they’re highly open to mentoring and support too.

Employee Experience

The Achiever

Ever the hard worker, achievers don’t mind putting in the hours to make things happen. Their assertive nature is a breath of fresh air, especially in tasks that require quick decision-making. While they can sometimes be tense and moody, their high-energy is infectious. 

Motivate them by: 

  • Having a senior leader be part of their recognition experience
  • Constantly reminding them that their work is connected to a bigger purpose

Did you know? By encouraging Achievers to persevere, their potential to deliver quality output increases by 201 %.

Regardless of employee persona, workplace, culture, and purpose are crucial to building the best employee experience. O.C. Tanner’s study notes, “When employees feel less connected to their workplace, culture, and purpose, the likelihood of great work falls 90%, the probability of burnout increases 11x, and the odds that employee will leave within three years surge 6x.”

Employee Experience

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