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Create noise for your brand with these 3 tips

22 March 2024

The digital space is a colorful world tangled with various bits of information coming in at hyper speed. With this, it can be quite challenging to capture and sustain anyone’s attention, especially when you’re a new brand or an established one trying to launch a new product or service.

In a sea of noise, how can your brand’s voice stand out? Read on for these foolproof tips on brand awareness:


Partner with micro-influencers

Content that’s relatable creates positive brand affinity. Think about micro-influencers as your consumer’s best friend—someone that’s reachable, genuine, and trustworthy. While their follower count is a far cry from celebrities and big influencers, they usually wield a more significant influence within their niche.

Take Amazon, for instance. Upon launching their new Audible membership service in 2017, they tapped video creator Jesse Driftwood. On his Instagram account, Driftwood integrated the product with his daily life, posting about how he uses Audible to listen to business management and productivity books. With this approach, Amazon was able to successfully attract Drift’s niche audience through his association of the service with self-learning.

Experiential marketing

Invest in experience

If you want your brand or product to be remembered, it’s important to take your efforts outside of the online realm too. Give consumers an unforgettable immersive experience they can associate with your offer—one they can also partake in. It can be as simple as having a pop-up shop for a limited amount of time or holding a DIY workshop. Experiential marketing can also be more complex with virtual reality experiences like IKEA’s virtual reality showroom

If your budget permits, outdoor advertisements are also a great way to garner interest. One brand that does this particularly well is KitKat. Two years ago, the renowned brand created some buzz with their “take a break” benches, which contributed to better brand recall.


Leverage on user-generated content

An effective way to generate online buzz and amplify your brand voice is to build a sense of community through user-generated content (UGC). It’s a great way to add a human element to your brand too. One way to do this is by creating curiosity through a social media campaign where people are encouraged to share their experiences with the brand. One successful brand that has utilized UGC to its advantage is Crocs. With the hashtag #MyCrocsEra, they invited people to showcase how they amp up their style using their footwear. 

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