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HR hacks: 5 employee engagement hacks you need to know

15 February 2024

When was the last time you really invested in your people? Research suggests that replacing employees is more expensive than you think. In fact, it could even be more than double the price of their current salaries.

Don’t worry, it’s never too late to revisit your employee engagement strategies again. Let these hacks be your guide. 

Start early: Ensure you have an effective onboarding program in place

Nothing kills a new employee’s high spirits faster than a disorganized onboarding process. While “learning by doing” is a great tactic, your new hires need some clarity and time for adjustment too. Set a clear agenda on what is expected from them for the first few weeks. Give them an overview of business values and how their role can specifically contribute to the company’s mission and vision.

Pro-tip: According to research, 30 percent of new hires leave their post within three months. Make them feel like they belong early on. Encourage your teams to engage with the newbies.

Cliché no more: Make work-life balance a priority

Gone are the days when working overtime consistently is a badge of honor. With mental health and wellbeing prioritized more in the workplace, employers are encouraged to respect employees’ off-work hours. This can also mean providing options for remote work, flexible schedules, and offsetting to help your people manage their responsibilities better.

Remember, employee engagement strategies also include taking care of your people outside of work too.

Learning is key: Invest in their development

Even the most tenured employee who feels that he/she has stagnated will look for opportunities elsewhere. Give your people room for growth with regular training, off-site conferences or classes, and special projects where cross-functional teams can collaborate to learn from each other.

Pro-tip: Consider having a mentorship program in place where you pair more seasoned employees with newer employees.

Get fresh perspectives: Listen to their ideas

Back in 2011, a Starbucks barista wrote the names of customers for each cup served. Months after, this personalized approach became a standard for all Starbucks stores. To think, it all started with an idea from an engaged employee. Regardless of rank, promote a workplace where healthy communication is prioritized. You never know where your next billion-peso idea can come from.

Make a habit of incentivizing: Recognize milestones

Don’t wait for the next annual appraisal to reward good performance. Boost morale by providing timely incentives whether it’s for a completed project, a key account onboarded, or an extra mile expended. While you’re at it, don’t forget to celebrate work anniversaries too!

At Pluxee, we believe in enabling joyful moments through rewards and benefits that let people enjoy more of what matters. Our rich heritage in employee engagement and experience has allowed us to be a trusted global partner for over 5,000 clients in the past 20 years. 

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