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Matching gifts for employees for the right occasion

There are many ways to show employees and colleagues our appreciation for their efforts. Or sometimes, we simply want to celebrate big and small wins with them. With different occasions and a plethora of options, matching the right gift for the right occasion can be tricky. So how do you know what you should give as gifts for employees?

 A survey we ran in 2021 participated in by over 500 consumers revealed that people still choose to give gifts as a way of making recipients feel -valued and special. With so many choices - we put together some ideas on what you can give as gifts for which occasion.

  1. Reward high performance for the year.

The common incentive for targets met or good performance during the year is a cash bonus. But the caveat of giving cash is that you’re not sure if they will use it to treat themselves, which is the intended purpose.  Here’s a suggestion – give Sodexo digital GCs  that can be used as gift certificates in different online establishments and physical shops. You give your recipients the freedom to choose and the experience that goes with it.

  1. Celebrate a birthday.

Why not gift a meal voucher? Meal vouchers such as the Sodexo Meal and Food Pass  are a thoughtful way of showing employees that you care about their personal milestones.  What’s more, you can never go wrong with treating someone to what meals they really like.

  1. Give gifts during occasions other than Christmas.

In the survey we conducted, 32% agree that giving gift just because should be normalized. So consider nice gestures such as giving out cakes for Valentine’s Day, fruit baskets for Mother’s Day, cold cuts baskets for Father’s Day or even Pizza for National Heroes Day. Digital solutions like the Mobile Pass can be customized with special messages and easily distributed via SMS or email. You can even choose the product or merchant to match the occasion!

  1. Give prizes during big meetings.

Most companies haven’t had an outing, Christmas party, anniversary celebration or any face-to-face events in the past two years.  A good way to create a festive mood, albeit virtual, is to give away prizes through games, contests, or raffles during townhalls or project kick offs. Giving a versatile gift certificate like the SM Gift Pass is a good idea not just because recipients can spend it in different places but it’s also easier to send.

Giving gifts is a tangible way of praising an employee and saying “thank you for your hard work.” Get in touch with us if you want to explore meaningful and memorable rewards for your employees.