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Lockdown Reflections by Sodexo Employees

Four weeks ago, when our Global Pandemic Committee activated the work-from-home policy to adhere to the government’s Luzon-wide implementation of Enhanced Community Quarantine, none of us knew what to expect. While we have been well-equipped with the right tools to perform our tasks remotely, Sodexo employees are newbies to work-from-home (WFH) setup as a team.

With less social distractions and a lot of time to think, here are our a-ha moments during the lockdown so far.

1. That family time is priceless

“Being a working mom, I am very happy that I get to see my son’s activities while I’m at home and working.” – Kimberly Abongan, Product Marketing Officer

“[It is] convenient to me as a parent [because] I can see my kids and monitor what they are doing.” – Kathy Bagondol, Account Manager

“[I realized] how grateful I am that I am safe and with my family during these trying times. Some do not have this privilege.” – Chrissie Paulino, Customer Service Manager

“The good thing is I can still get my salary and provide for my parents. At this moment, that would [be] the most important thing.” – Reinalyn Guillermo, Project Manager

“[I am] more efficient, plus I have more time for family.” – Shaneann Simo, Treasury Assistant

“I am so happy to be with my family right now while still earning. After work, I even have extra time for household chores.” – John Paul Liza, Customer Service Representative

2. That WFH has its fair share of challenges

“It was hard for me to adjust [during] the first 3 days because I just use my cellphone to hotspot my laptop.” – Annalie Indig, Sales Support Assistant

“The struggle is that sometimes you need to talk to a colleague and I’ve gotten so used to just walking up to them to get answers right away.” – Cecilia Angulo, Sales Support Assistant

“It’s challenging to stick to a routine. The order [of how] you do things at work is almost never the [same] order you do things at home.” – Joan Bobier, Account Manager

“Poor Internet connection can make virtual meetings difficult.” – Luisa Tolentino, Sales Manager

“Working from home takes a lot of motivation in order to perform better and be productive. I find myself less satisfied since I need to make a sale [under the current situation].” – Jonas Rodriguez, Telesales

3. …and self-discipline is very, very important

“I became more independent.” – Lilibeth Villaresis, Sales Support Assistant

“Working from home has made me manage my time more wisely.” - Rose Manata, Sales Support Assistant

“I need to dedicate my own time and space to make my day productive. I have a daily to-do-list to make the most out of my day. I also constantly communicate with my teammates to ensure that everything is well with them and things are on schedule.” – Francis Medina, Account Manager

“I realized that we can still be productive even at home. We are able to maximize our time and lessen expenses for transportation and food.” – Jeremy Hongco, Account Manager

“Motivation and self-discipline get the work done. It's hard when you see your bed, TV, etc., but you can stay focused. It’s rewarding, at the end of the day, to finish work and get to your hobbies, exercise routine or passion project - all without the hassle of commuting.” – Cherry Zamora, Business Development Specialist

“Working from home gives us flexibility and we can be more productive.” - Shyrica Simeon, Telefarmer

“[Even though messenger apps and emails are very convenient,] it’s good to engage clients and colleagues thru calls, too.” – Ma. Lourdes Gil, Business Development Specialist

“1. Stay positive and grateful. 2. Always be part of the solution. 3. Be active and take this time to level up on self-care.” – Aileen Vizmonte, Account Manager

4. That we can be a lot more productive without the Metro Manila traffic

“I enjoy the privilege of working from home. Long hours on the road used to drain all of my energy.” – Maricris Correa, Sales Support Assistant

“I have had better focus at work and thus better output efficiency because of longer sleeping hours.” – Benjamin Nadala, Operations Director

“You save a lot of time commuting. This [means] extra shuteye or not having to skip breakfast [to make it to work]. You can spend extra time with your family and many other things instead of being stuck in traffic. Extra me-time makes you happier and therefore a more productive employee.” – Ilyn Tumakay, Telesales Supervisor

“No more annoying traffic jams. I’m able to do more.” – Merissa Riego, Telefarmer

“I save time and there’s no hassle in commuting.” – Rose Rosales, Production Executive

“I realized I have been working 2 jobs for the past 4 months since one of our teammates left. Working from home helped me through this load because I save time from long travels and I get to be with my family more.” – Adrian Pipo, I.T. Infrastructure & Security Manager

5. That the only way is to go digital

“Having the right tools and connection greatly helped to connect to the team and clients.” – Gary Reyes, Sales Director

“It is a good opportunity to highlight Mobile Pass as this is the answer for instant rewarding, giving food subsidies or calamity fund. Clients are interested.” – Angelica Valenzuela, Sales Manager

“Sodexo is very flexible in terms of offering services because there’s a digital version of paper vouchers.” – Gina Poserio, Affiliations Officer

“We are maximizing technology and, at the same time, managing loads of work at the comfort of our own homes.” – Rizza Basco, Affiliations Officer

6. That office sepanx is real

“I really miss the office. I am more comfortable working in the office.” – Kenjo Santos, Telehunter

“I really miss my officemates, especially our bonding time.” – Carenn Mahigugmaon, Customer Service Representative

“Working from home can a bring [a] sense of freedom, but I feel [a] little lonely and isolated due [to] lack [of] interaction. I still feel productive at work, but I touch base with my team often for updates and [to encourage] sharing of ideas and jokes. – June Idala, Sales Manager

7. And lastly, that our company has got our backs

“I appreciate the preventive measures implemented by the company to ensure that none of the employees will be vulnerable to the virus.” – Jhon Baltazar, Marketing Leads Specialist

“I am lucky to have an employer who cares about their employees. Sodexo moved quickly to implement a remote work system so we can stay safe at home.” – Krizzalyn Ecat, Sale Support Assistant

“It is a privilege and a blessing to be able to still work at home during this difficult time. I get compensated and feel secure.” – Christa Vien Foliente, Account Manager

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