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Benefits of Implementing a Digital Rewards Program

The introduction of the internet, social media, mobile apps, and the likes have been a significant contribution to our lives. Not only that it made things easier for us, but it also became a part of our everyday routine as well.

In this modern age, almost everyone owns a mobile phone, a computer, and is able to connect to the internet. With this, communication has become a lot easier and real-time, which brings a lot of convenience to us, because if we are to go back decades back, a simple letter would take about weeks before it reaches its recipient. This is only a proof that technology has really made an impact to our lives.

Of course, that is only about the surface of what technology can do.  Other than the end-consumers, marketers also utilize these modern resources to up their game. Even though not all businesses are currently not into it, time will come that they will be able to adapt to these technological changes and developments to keep up with trend.

Here are the benefits of transitioning your rewards program to the modern age:

1. Stays Ahead of the Competition

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Transitioning your rewards program from traditional to digital would definitely take your program to the next level. This will definitely give you enough leverage to stay on top of the competition.

2. Attracts the next generation market

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The Generation Y (also known as the millennials) and Generation Z are said to be the digital natives, and are soon to take over the consumer population in the succeeding years. That being said, those businesses that are forward-looking enough, and have already transitioned their promotion scheme to digital are highly likely to attract the younger market.

3. Assures Customer Loyalty

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Surely, an effective customer rewards program will reinforce your customers’ loyalty towards your brand. Since most of the consumers nowadays own a mobile phone and has an access to the internet, it will be easier for marketers or businesses to tap these markets (even the older market) and reward them accordingly. However, this will only work if you have enough understanding of your market and know what exactly to give them as a reward.

Technological advances indeed have a lot to offer not only to individuals but to business firms as well. With the proper utilization of these developments, companies will be able to improve their customer programs by several folds, which will eventually give them sustainable advantage against their competitors.

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However, most businesses are still hesitant to apply these changes due to its newness. But no need to worry about that because we, Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services, will share with you our expertise in consumer rewarding and help you digitize your product promotion and customer loyalty program. With our newest and revolutionary mobile rewards solution, the Sodexo Mobile Pass, an electronic gift certificate, you can now up the game of your retention program and give your valued customers a more rewarding experience. Because with it, your customers will not only experience real-time and instant rewards, but they will also get to enjoy using their e-vouchers at their top preferred brands nationwide, as well as choose their preferred reward tailored to their needs and preferences!