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4 Simple Ways to Improve Employee Satisfaction

Thank you goes a long way, but it can be better, more heartfelt and tangible. Employees have to be engaged to keep them satisfied. According to a Gallup survey, engaged employees are mor productive, thereby contributing to financial KPIs such as sales, revenue, and profits.

Investing in employee satisfaction doesn’t have to be complicated. There are simple ways to do it. We share some of them for inspiration:

1.      Create a supportive culture

Have catch ups or host coffee breaks to encourage taking a break. Work with human resources to start small activities to promote mental well-being and stress management. You can start a weekly chair yoga exercise. Or take it up a notch by inviting employees to join a short meditation session if you have time before starting a meeting.

2.      Implement policies to facilitate work-life wellbeing

Offer flexible working hours to your employees or create a window in which employees are required to clock in so they don’t have to worry about coming in at a specific time.

Remind employees to switch off their work devices and turn off message app notifications when they’re off the clock. Research from the American Psychological Association suggests that regular detachment from work after you clock out can help you refuel your energy.

3.      Recognize success with rewards

Create a recognition program with reward solutions that allow your employees to choose their incentives. Giving them the option to select their rewards makes it feel more personal since you’re giving the power of choice. You can give digital or paper gift certificates that employees can use in-store or convert to e-vouchers that they can use to shop online.

4.      Support financial wellbeing

Help your employees make their salary go further with additional support such as meal and food allowances, or a transportation subsidy. Even a small amount is going to make a difference.

Employee satisfaction is a long-term endeavor and Sodexo can help you in this journey. To know how our solutions can help you, sign up here. To read more about employee engagement, check out our blog.