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5 Effective Ways To Drive Organic Traffic To Your Website

4 September 2019

“How to increase traffic to your website?”

As digital marketers, this is a question that demands to be answered with results. We’ve done everything in our bag of tricks already: choose long-tail keywords, build backlinks, pay attention to on-page SEO, maximize the power of social media.

Name it. We’ve done it.

Still, the question remains. And it evolves: how to increase traffic to your website, given that we’ve already tried every ‘method’ there is?

Here are 5 effective ways you can to do effectively drive traffic to your website.


1. Look for unexplored keywords with high search volume and less competition.

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You’ve been using Google Keyword Planner to find possible search terms for your blog posts already. Just up the search game a little higher and you’ll nail this one.

Come up with a few uncommon topics that will be relevant for your target audience. Run a keyword search and let yourself be surprised with new keywords that carry high potential to increase your website traffic.

Keywords with high search volume yet low competition can mean two things:

  • there’s no quality content published about these topics, or
  • there’s no content about these keywords at all

Take advantage of such opportunities. In this way, your content can easily find itself on the first page on search engine result pages (SERPs).


2. Partner with establishments that complement your brand.

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There are a lot of advantages that come with affiliate marketing.

Case in point: Grab Philippines, a popular ride-hailing platform in Southeast Asia.

Over the past years, Grab Philippines has been in partnership with different brands. Through GrabFood, their food delivery service platform, they were able to connect with the most sought-after food establishments. Additionally, GrabRewards, their loyalty program, allowed them to collaborate with different lifestyle brands from shopping, entertainment, and travel industries.

Partnerships like these produce significant results for Grab, even up to this day. Every time they partner with an establishment, their partners promote them in their own marketing channels, increasing visits to their platform exponentially.

There are also other creative executions that brands can explore through affiliate partnerships. For starters, they can exchange marketing banners, give special discount codes, hold giveaways, or contribute content. As long as the two parties can reach an agreement that brings mutual benefits for both of their businesses, that's good to go.

Through business partnerships, you don’t just provide competitive and high-quality offers to your customers. You also expand your reach and introduce yourself to the loyal audience your business partners have. All that’s left for you to do is make sure that the user experience will not be compromised.


3. Localize your search keywords.

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Website localization is another user-friendly way to increase traffic to your website. With the overwhelming competition of various online industries today, 75% of online users now prefer to read and shop in their local-specific content.

With this, Google has been taking a more local-first approach when ranking search results. Businesses with a local listing are now being favored because they are near the person conducting the search. It makes total sense because people tend to look for businesses near them first. Search volume may not be huge, but it has the potential to deliver traffic with high purchase intent.

When searching for local keywords, take into consideration where your target audience lives or works. This will allow you to increase your website traffic by creating content relevant to them.


4. Find your micro-influencers.

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For sure, you’ve been getting ‘influencers’ to promote your brand. But have you ever identified who your micro-influencers are?

Micro-influencers are social media users who publish content at least twice on a daily basis. They have followers ranging from 1,000 to 10,000, which we can refer to as their ‘tribe.’ Tribes recognize micro-influencers as experts in a particular topic and will most likely trust an opinion or recommendation from them.

One of the new tricks you can put in the bag is micro-influencer marketing. It generates higher engagement and conversion, is comparatively cheaper than getting celebrities, and allows you to tap into very specific, niche markets.

Imagine the quality organic clicks you can get from thousands of tribes once you get micro-influencers who trust your brand. When approached strategically, micro-influencer marketing may not just help you increase traffic to your website. It can also help you build authenticity and relevance for your business.


5. Create a drip campaign.

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E-mail marketing has always been a part of a digital marketer’s plan. It is efficient. It’s cost-effective. However, the world is now on a technological point when sending scheduled e-mails to your newsletter subscribers is no longer enough.

You should now delve deeper into drip marketing.

Drip campaigns, in e-mail marketing, are sets of queued e-mails that get sent out based on predetermined timelines or user actions. It allows you to set up an email to be sent as soon as someone signs up, then two days later, an email about your most popular content. If a customer has been navigating a product page for a few days already, that can also be a trigger for an email about reasons to buy the product your customer was looking at.

Drip campaigns are often called ‘behavioral e-mails’ for a reason. 'Dripping' your content allows you to nurture leads and keep targeted readers engaged. It lets you be with your audience every step of their journey with your brand.

There’s no need to manually write and send each e-mail. You just have to determine and set up the triggers, and your drip campaign should do the job.


Final thoughts

Finding new ways to answer the question “How to increase traffic to your website?” is critical for any business. The growth of a business is dependent on the new customers visiting your website and going back again. Old strategies become eventually ineffective if everybody else is doing it. But looking at these old tricks with a new perspective can improve your strategy to drive traffic.

Search engines are getting smarter. So, you’ve got to be smarter, too.