Employee Experience

Here’s What You Really Need to Know About the Gen Z Workforce

16 August 2023

Think about it: how many Gen Zs are part of your team? There must be at least one in your department, already thriving despite their tenure. In fact, their growth in the workforce is becoming rapid by the minute—they are expected to be one-third of the Philippine workforce by 2025.

But what exactly is the profile of the Gen Z employee?

A focus on mental health

recent study has found that among all age groups, Asian Gen Zs have the highest proportion of individuals experiencing stress. In the Philippines, this has manifested to approximately 35% of Gen Z Filipinos undergoing depression and 16% undergoing anxiety—both higher compared to global numbers. As all these hits close to home, Gen Z employees aged 21 to 25 tend to value employers that equally value their mental well-being.

Making a clear impact

An organization’s impact on society matters to a Gen Z individual. For them, it’s important that you walk the talk when it comes to doing good, diversity, equity, and inclusion. Creating a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship is also a must—one where they can easily contribute their ideas without being judged or ignored.

Goodbye micromanagement, hello autonomy

If you’re managing a team largely comprised of individuals in this generation, trust that they can get the job done with little to no supervision. We know it might seem scary at first, but don’t worry. Research has shown that despite Gen Z’s outspoken desire for autonomy, they also want real-time feedback, mentorship, and an internal professional community. To them, striking a balance between being an individual contributor and being a team player is key.

A proactive approach towards flexibility

Studies show that one of the top stressors for Gen Zs is the lack of work-life balance. Furthermore, they seek a clear path of growth within the organization and are not only limited to traditional ways of working. This heightened desire for flexibility also extends to their compensation package and benefits.

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Together, let’s work on building a workplace that our Gen Z employees would proudly advocate for. Want to know more? Sign up here.