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10 Freebie Ideas Your Clients Will Love

16 August 2023

Here are some freebie ideas for your next marketing promotion.
Freebie marketing has been used by some of the most successful brands to attract new customers and boost sales.

customers and boost sales.

Businesses would think that freebies are only added expenses. However, many brands have proven that giving away freebies is a money-generating strategy if done right. Data suggest that freebie marketing enables 20% of your consumers to promote your brand through word-of-mouth, which remains a powerful marketing tool up to this day.

Why freebie marketing?

Before we delve into what kinds of freebies you can offer to your customers, here are a few reasons why you should:

1. It starts a positive buzz for your brand.

Freebies add value to your client interactions. Everybody loves receiving products and services for free. And when they like the freebies you gave them, they feel inclined to speak highly of your brand when they share it with others.

2. It encourages your customers to know more about your brand.

Good freebies turn prospects into clients. Customers feel safer to know you or give your products a try after a positive experience.

3. It improves customer relationships.

Freebies can instantly make your customers happy. Whether you’re resolving an issue they encountered or celebrating a brand milestone, giving away freebies is a guaranteed way to please customers.


Freebie ideas based on your objectives

Freebies don’t have to be expensive. Whether you are selling a product or a service, there’s always a freebie that can delight your customers and help you achieve quick wins. Below is a list of freebie ideas categorized based on your business goals.

Goal: Increase e-mail opt-ins

woman holding phone


Giving away freebies can help you grow your e-mail list. Ask your prospects to sign up and deliver their freebie instantly via e-mail. This way, you train your clients to look forward to your messages and feel excited whenever they hear from your brand.

  1. E-books or white papers
  2. Video or audio tutorials
  3. Digital or printable templates
  4. Free consultation

Goal: Increase brand engagement



One of the most effective ways to encourage brand engagement online and offline is through promotional giveaways or contests. Customers appreciate receiving freebies they can use however they want, at their own time. It allows them to associate your brand with memorable experiences.

  1. Sodexo gift certificates
  2. E-vouchers

Goal: Encourage product trial

Customers undergo several consumer adoption stages before they get to product trial. Freebies make the adoption process easier and shorter for consumers. It’s a proven effective way to introduce a new product and encourage them to try it out.

  1. Free membership or subscription fees
  2. Upgrades and discounts
  3. Sample products
  4. Shipping fee

Build your freebie strategy with Sodexo. Inquire about how our paper gift certificates and digital rewards can help you achieve your business goals today.