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The Do’s and Don’ts of Gift Giving Etiquette in Business

16 August 2023

Gift-giving is a universal way to show thanks and appreciation, even in the professional world. It’s not just that, a gift can also strengthen a relationship between businesses, and- among businesses and suppliers. But you might ask yourself – what exactly does gift giving in business entail? It might be tricky because it’s not as straightforward as just handing over a gift.

What are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to gift giving in business?

Do check if the company has a gift-giving policy.

Some companies are required to declare gifts to their employers if the gifts are of a certain value. If gifts received are above the set value, recipients may have to surrender it to the company. Or if you’re not sure of the recipient’s corporate policy, you might want to look into giving a group gift that’s meant to be shared such as a food delivery to teams working onsite.

Don’t give gifts that are too personal.

Since you’re giving a gift as a token of appreciation in the corporate setting, don’t give personal items that have something to do with the body. Some examples are undergarments, jewelry, or perfume.

In that line, you’ll also want to avoid gag gifts or similar items that are humorous. You don’t know if a gift will offend a recipient so it’s best to avoid this type of gift altogether. Remember, your recipient is a partner or someone you work with, not a close friend or family member.

Do spend only what you’re comfortable with or is within your budget.

In line with your recipient’s corporate policies on gifts, remember to budget only what you can afford to give. Don’t overdo it. If you spend too much, it might look like a bribe or you’re trying to curry favors for future transactions.

Don’t go overboard with branding.

While it’s common to place your company logo on giveaways and gifts, you shouldn’t overdo it especially if it’s meant to be given away. If you must print your company logo on the item, make sure it’s not too too big. Keep it understated and simple. Remember, your intention is to say thank you and not to push your branding into their faces.

Do give practical gifts.

While it’s a nice gesture to give a personalized gift or something that you think is quirky, think of something that your recipients will use well. Something to also keep in mind is that you are giving a token to a partner or supplier so it’s safer to give a practical gift.

Some examples to get you started – an umbrella or a notebook and pen set. Or if you want to go the extra mile without overdoing it, why not give digital GCs such as Sodexo+ digital GCs or the Sodexo Mobile Pass? You’re not just giving a practical gift, you’re also giving your recipient the gift of choice.

Giving gifts is will always be a good way to show thanks and appreciation towards your partners and suppliers. Get in touch with us if you want to explore meaningful and memorable rewards for your employees.