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5 Ways to Motivate Employees at Work

Employee motivation plays a vital role in every business. It’s a part of employee engagement which consultancy firm, Deloitte, refers to as “an employee’s job satisfaction, loyalty, and inclination to expend discretionary effort toward organizational goals.”  Willis Tower Watson conducted a global study including 41 multinational companies and found that “companies with above average employee engagement achieved profit margins five points higher than their sectors' typical results” while “companies with below average employee engagement fared 13 points lower.”

With this in mind, how can you keep your employees motivated?

Before you create a sound approach, remember that there are different types of employees. It’s a given that their motivation differs from one another other.

Here are some tips to increase your employee’s motivation in the workplace:

1. Encourage a positive work environment

Create an environment that fosters feedback and open communication. When employees feel that they are in a pleasant working situation and they are heard, they are happier and more motivated to get the job done.

2. Promote work-life balance

Even though your employees have varying perspectives towards work-life balance, you should deeply understand and respect that they have priorities outside of work. Lead by example – avoid sending emails or messages after office hours, avoid calling meetings at 5:30pm on a Friday, respect leaves/holidays/weekends, don’t make “working lunch” a habit, even if you’re spending for it. If you do need to send a message, include a note that it’s not urgent or there’s no need to reply. For emails, you can always schedule your email to go out during business hours.

3. Give them a purpose

Growth and purpose are big motivators for employees. A Gallup research on millennials noted that those in that age group look for companies that have a mission and purpose. The same research also highlights that beyond job satisfaction, purpose and development drive this group of the workforce. Similarly, Deloitte recently introduced research on Gen Z and pointed out that these younger ones look for career growth. A key driver for them to stay would be a balance of stable employment with an opportunity to grow.

Often, even though employees don’t explicitly ask questions, they want to be fully aware of the company’s progress toward its strategic objectives. Communicate clearly how their work and accomplishments contribute to the overall performance of the organization. Knowing that their work matters drives up motivation.

In relation to this, take the time to sit down with them to create a developmental plan. Together, map out how they can experience professional and personal growth in the company.

4. Provide immediate feedback

 There are two major factors to consider when it comes to providing impactful and constructive feedback to your employees. First, it should be done in person (or video call for virtual teams). Second, give that feedback as early as possible.

5. Reward often

Incentives are always a motivation booster because it’s tangible proof that their hard work is acknowledged and valued. Based on our survey with Harris Interactive in 2021, 83% of Sodexo’s clients agree that rewards contribute to their employees’ wellbeing.

However, this will only work if you give the right incentives. Consider spot bonuses or non-monetary rewards such as digital gift certificates or meal passes which can be used for experiences to remember.

People are the greatest asset of any business so knowing how to motivate them can spell success.

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