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Employee bonus alternatives: 7 digital GCs that make better rewards than cash

It’s been a tradition for many great employers in the Philippines to give out employee bonuses by the end of the year. No questions asked, it’s a tangible way to show genuine appreciation for the hard work they put in. 

And while giving a cash bonus is one way to reward employees, research suggests that it’s not always the best way to achieve employee satisfaction. A Willis Towers Watson survey says increased flexible working hours, wellness programs, and performance-based rewards create higher levels of fulfillment and improve overall employee experience. 

It's clear that relying on monetary bonuses alone isn’t enough to engage teams and improve staff retention. And while physical gifts might just work as an alternative, digital GCs make better options. Not only are they good as cash, but they also give every employee the freedom to choose the reward they want—all while saving the employer the hassle of storage and logistics.  

Here are seven digital GCs to reward your employees with this Christmas season:  

1. Sodexo+ Premium Pass GCs  

The Sodexo+ Premium Pass GC comes in the form of credits which recipients can receive and access through the Sodexo+ app. These credits do not expire, can be partially redeemed in over 9,000 merchants nationwide, and can be converted into e-vouchers for Lazada, Grab, Shopee, Pick.a.roo, and more. 

2. Sodexo+ SM Gift Pass GCs 

Like the Sodexo+ Premium Pass GCs, Sodexo+ SM Gift Pass GCs come in the form of credits received through the Sodexo+ app. These digital GCs allow recipients to enjoy endless gift choices from SM Supermalls, the country’s largest chain of malls, nationwide.  

3. Mobile Pass 

Those who are looking for digital GCs that can be sent via email or SMS will love the Mobile Pass. It comes in the form of a 10-digit code with a fixed denomination. The Mobile Pass is customizable depending on the value, merchants and items you want, and you can even add a personal message for recipients.  

4. Christmas Ham Mobile Pass  

It’s painful to risk spoilage and find storage spaces that can hold this Christmas staple for thousands of recipients. The Christmas Ham Mobile Pass saves employers from this hassle and allows recipients to redeem the freshest goods in accredited merchants near them.  

The Christmas Ham Mobile Pass has four variants: Purefoods Pear-Shaped Ham, Jamon de Bola, Fiesta Ham Chicken, and Fiesta Ham Pork. For clients based in Visayas and Mindanao, there are non-pork options available too. 

5. Christmas Basket Mobile Pass  

Another ideal reward option during the holiday season are Christmas baskets. And with the Christmas Basket Mobile Pass, employers save themselves time to shop in the midst of the holiday rush and distribute bulky gifts face-to-face.  

Clients from Metro Manila and Luzon can choose among six Mobile Pass baskets from Waltermart Supermarket: Yule Tidings 500, Christmas Cheers 500, Finest Selection 1000, Delightful Indulgence 1000, Holiday Pleasure 1500, and Bountiful Cravings 1500. Additionally, there are also three Mobile Pass baskets from Robinsons Supermarket: Basket Econo 500B, Basket Galore 1100D, and Basket Galore 1500A.  

6. Christmas Cheese digital GCs 

Holiday charcuterie boards are never complete without cheese. Thankfully this year, it’s also available in Mobile Pass, making it an ideal gift to add joy to everyone’s holiday festivities. 

The Christmas Cheese digital GCs are available in four variations: Magnolia Gold Edam 350g, Gold Edam 500g, Queso de Bola 350g, and Queso de Bola 500g. It can be redeemed by recipients at SM Supermarket, SM Hypermarket, Savemore, Fisher Supermarket, All Day Supermarket, Robinsons Supermarket, Robinsons Easymart, Shopwise, and The Marketplace. 

7. Wine Basket Mobile Pass 

Holiday wines instantly make an elegant choice when rewarding employees. But it becomes even more satisfying when recipients get to experience redeeming it for themselves, like a true prize for their hard work.  

The Wine Basket Mobile Pass is available in three variations from Robinsons Supermarket: Meadows Basket 500, Wine Basket 1100B, and Wine Basket 1100C. 

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