Digitalizing your Rewards Program in the Philippines

Digitalizing your Rewards Program in the Philippines

4 April 2019

Gone are the days where paper vouchers or coupons offering as much as 50% discounts. If you're an entrepreneur, marketer or even HR professional looking for effective and easy to administer rewards for your employees, you must now think digital.

It is proven by numbers that an enticing deal will make your customers come back and buy more. The main reason for participation is to save money. In the Philippines, the outlook for investment growth is high. Therefore, this means there will be more competition for the brands and as for startup companies, the challenge is double.


Common reward (or loyalty program) challenges:



  • Choosing the right reward for your customers or employees is surely a challenge not only because of tons of options but ensuring that they will be enticed with what you offer.
  • The uniqueness of your offer - As your brand needs to have its niche, so as your reward. If you are offering the same deal with your competitor then why your customers should choose you?
  • Logistical and Admin burdens - Let's face it, whether you're an entrepreneur, marketer or HR professional, rewards and loyalty program is simply one area of your responsibility, though important and can bring impact, your enemy is time.


Solution: Let go of traditional and start digital

Man opting for digital rewards


With the boom is digital landscape all over the world, many SaaS companies offer easy to administer solutions. One of the richest industry when it comes to the digital rewards program is e-commerce as competition due to their expertise in digital marketing and IT. In fact, using Shopify, a fully hosted cloud-based solution for online stores, you can simply plug or integrate apps for reward, loyalty or referral programs without you having to know how to code.

Here are some Shopify Apps you can use for your rewards program:

  • Smile: Rewards & Loyalty (view reviews)
  • LoyaltyLion rewards & referral (view reviews)
  • Gratisfaction (view reviews)

These apps can be used for free if you want to test but for you to access the full feature you have to pay for about $19 to $79 per month (P990+ - P4,000+).

What about if you're not into e-commerce? Unluckily, it will be hard to find such digital rewards solutions as industries have different business models and needs.

Filipinos spend the most time on the internet, social media worldwide and most of it are done using smartphones-according to study. So, we see a problem and an opportunity here. There is a need for a solution and a huge opportunity to maximizing the behavior of Filipinos towards smartphone usage.

The uniqueness of your offer - Offering discounts and rebates like 30% off or 5% cashback is very cliche and tons of brands are already using this type of promotion. Be unique by offering something different yet exciting to have with your reward.

The burdens - No need to worry about logistics and administrative hassles of giving your rewards as you can simply send your rewards to your customers or employees online.

In any field, industry, business or even profession, it is important to adapt to the changes going foresee these changes as an opportunity rather than of a challenge. As digital and IT becoming more part of our daily lives each day, brands should start leveraging these opportunities.

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