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8 Biggest Trends Driving Customer Loyalty

25 June 2018

Check out these trends that help drive customer loyalty.

1. Omnichannel and Multichannel Programs are overruling traditional programs

Brick-and-mortar channel is no longer enough to reach the customer. It only engages the customers directly and helps them become loyal and solid with the brand. Due to the increasing number of channel types like multichannel and omnichannel, brands and products can now be purchased from different touch points and loyalty is usually the focus of brands to ensure captured market.

2. Personalization is Gold

79% of the people believed that personalized loyalty programs make them feel special, recognized, and attended personally. Creating a better loyalty program that focuses on personalization can be a good leverage to capture, retain, and engage the loyalist. One of the marketing tactics that gives personalization is email marketing. It enables the sender to indicate the recipients’ names whereas it gives a higher chance of click and conversions.


3. Partnership to augment more value

A brand partnership is one of the thrusts in strategic growth. Nowadays, FMCG and consumer retail are heading towards creating more value beyond what they provide alone. Brand partnership helps companies augment their strengths and weaknesses to better serve both markets.


4. CSR are being part of marketing tactics

To create loyalty, you also have to create a foundation of social responsibility. People nowadays tend to look after brands with brand values and create more significance socially. In the form of donations, consumers are willing to buy products that can help societies or special groups that advocates cause.


5. Increasing demand of premium loyalty program

In the Philippines, the rise of the middle class is now on the lookout especially for big industries such as real properties, automotive, luxury brands, and other premium items that are heading for a better customer loyalty program. The trend in the Philippines is also brought by increasing demand of BPO professions that operated in the country.


6. Emotional Loyalty is a window

Connecting your brands through FAB (Features, Attributes, and Benefits) format is no longer a better way to connect up to the emotional level of any consumers. It only articulates the “what” they are getting from the products. But if we use emotional loyalty marketing, we address the “why” of any consumers – Why they need to buy a certain item, why they need to believe to your cause, why they believe to your purpose as a brand.


7. AI and chatbots are improving the customer service

Creation of template answers using bots or augmenting the customer loyalty service can really give more efficiency in servicing the customers that leads to customer retention for post-sales engagements. It gives the businesses more focus in creating more value to the business than answering inquiries one-by-one. Chatbots are now becoming a mainstream in mainlining strong and efficient customer loyalty.


8. Gift Certificate rewarding

This may be traditional, but this is the most acceptable way to reward customers for their loyalty. Gift certificates in the Philippines are widely used by various companies for rewards, incentives, and even for promoting their products or services. It gives the user end-to-end better experience in rewarding and loyalty solutions. From the time they receive the gift certificate at the beginning, they feel delighted and recognized, up to the point they want to buy something for themselves or for their family, they feel accomplished and grateful.


Just like Sodexo Premium Pass, it gives the customers a better end-to-end experience to enjoy the reward.