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Customer Rewards & Content Marketing: Ways To Keep Your Customers Coming Back

3 May 2019

Companies are working hard and invest a lot of resources to different retention tactics like customer rewards and content marketing to acquire customers. It all starts with raising awareness about your brand by tapping different channels like events, traditional media or digital marketing channels such as Google ads or Facebook.

After raising awareness, companies will then focus on converting customers to earn revenues. The question is, what's next? Of course, you want your customers to come back and buy more products or services.

Just because your customers leave you a positive review does not mean that they will return. It takes the right strategy. Here are some of the ways for you to keep your customers coming back:

1. Keep in touch with your customers

Devote some resources to stay in touch with your customers and maintain a good relationship. With the power of digital marketing, staying in touch is easier than ever. For instance, you can utilize the Google Display Network (GDN) to stay connected with past website visitors.

Another powerful digital channel for keeping in touch is Facebook Ads' remarketing feature where you can be present with users who are engaged, visited your site or actually make a purchased.

2. Content Marketing

Depending on the demographics and characteristics of your customers, you can provide useful and relevant content to add value to them. You can start by knowing the 'interest' of your customers.

The trend in content marketing today is not just only providing information but how you can communicate that information in an easy and entertaining way. By giving them the right content recipe, you can build trust and long-term relationship to your customers.

3. Great Front-line 

Starbucks, Jollibee, McDonald's, Cebu Pacific & Toy Kingdom. -Do you know what they have in common? Great front-lines. Great frontline is the key to create great customer service experience. And with great customer service, surely, you will leave smiles to your customers and will most likely go back.

Remember that even you have the best product in the market if the person your customer interacts with is not engaging or even unpleasant to deal with, customers will not make another business with you.

4. Personalization

With the birth of digitalization and marketing automation systems, people got tired of dealing with bots. People now are looking for more personalized interactions. A great example is a chatbot, yes they are efficient but your customers hate them. New research found that customers want more humanity and less automation especially when something goes wrong.

5. Make a Rewarding Experience

Using customer rewards is one of the best ways to make your brand memorable to your customers. When someone does something beyond our expectations, we feel delighted and will likely share our experience with others.

Here are some customers rewards you may utilize:

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