Shopee Tips: Online Christmas Shopping Hacks That Will Save You Money

16 August 2023

You’re about to pay less for your holiday haul with these online Christmas shopping hacks. Even with quarantine restrictions, it’s a wonderful time to go Christmas shopping this year. Thanks to e-commerce stores like Shopee, we can still find the best gifts for our loved ones and office family, enjoy online deals, and do all that without leaving the comfort of our homes. Cross off items on your Christmas shopping list and save a few cash with these helpful hacks.

1. Download online shopping apps and turn on notifications for flash deals

The first step to getting exclusive offers is by downloading online shopping apps. Aside from easily earning rewards, you can also score discounts and freebies that are exclusively available in the app. Shopee lets you browse through flash sale listings and schedules in one tab. The best way to not miss it is to activate their ‘Remind me’ feature so you can be the first in line the moment your preferred item goes on sale.

2. Follow the stores you want to shop from

Stores often give out discount coupons for first-time buyers. It’s an easy way to get up to 15% off your total spending. All you need to do is hit that follow button and you enjoy a win-win deal.

3. Use the price range filter and sort from low to high

Some online shopping sites award Lowest Price Guaranteed badges to sellers who offer to match or beat any lower price found in the market. With the Shopee app, you can easily stumble upon items with this badge when you sort the prices of your options from low to high. If you see another listing of the same product at a lower price, you can make a claim and double your money back for up to 1.2x Shopee coins.

4. Shop on Thursdays and use app wallets for payments

 The best day to catch some really great deals is on Thursdays—well, at least in Shopee. On ShopeePay Thursdays, upsized offers, bigger discounts, and free shipping vouchers with P0 minimum spend requirement are up for grabs. Most online shopping platforms allow their customers to conveniently pay using in-app e-wallets like ShopeePay. When activated, it allows you to quickly check out your orders and enjoy exclusive perks.

5. Leave product reviews

Online shops reward customers when they leave quality product reviews on items they’ve purchased. In Shopee, you earn Shopee coins you can use for a few pesos off on your next purchase.

6. Wait for 11.11 and 12.12 sales before you checkout

During the most anticipated 11.11 and 12.12 sales, you can enjoy app-wide promos, discounts, and rebates that you wouldn’t want to miss. Most sellers also markdown their best-selling items. Guess leaving your cart for a while totally has its benefits, right? Watch out for exciting deals from Shopee 11.11 and 12.12 Big Christmas Sale!

7. Checkout with a free shipping voucher

One of the biggest turn-offs for online shoppers is the expensive shipping fee. Pro tip: There’s almost always a free shipping voucher waiting for you when you shop in Shopee!