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Effective Customer Retention Techniques

20 February 2018

Retaining customers is the ultimate goal for any business. But some businesses often overlook this area given that they are too focus on acquiring new ones, when in fact, of all the shoppers, nearly 15-percent are returning customers, and are most likely to spend three-times more than the one-time shoppers. This means that loyal customers are high contributors to the success of your business. That being said, customer retention strategies play a vital role in order for you to keep your customers loyal to your brand and secure the success of your business.

Here are some techniques we have laid down for you to help you in developing your next customer loyalty program:

Technique #1: Identify your customers and take time to understand them
Salesperson speaking to customers


It is always important that you identify the right customers and have a full understanding of their common interests as consumers. Because moving forward, you can actually use those data on how you will put up a sound loyalty scheme for your customers.

Technique #2: Connect with your customers and keep the fire burning
Connecting with consumers


The buying process should not end after the customer purchase your product or avail your service. You should look at it as a cycle wherein your end-goal is to keep them coming back for your product or service. To achieve this feat, you have to ensure that there is always a follow thru even right after the purchase, which can be done thru sending your customers “thank you” messages as well “invitations” if you have an on-going or upcoming promos.

Technique #3: Recognize them thru giving them relevant perks and rewards
Man receiving present


Customers feel special whenever they receive gifts or rewards. However, this does not mean that any reward you would give is already enough to satisfy your customers and keep them loyal to your brand. For your loyalty rewards program to become more effective, it has to be relevant and meaningful to the profile of your customers.

Indeed, customer loyalty is integral to the growth of every business, which is why it is important for organizations to take their customer retention strategies seriously and make more effort to give their consumers better customer experience.

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