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What are the available load amounts for prepaid mobile phones?

You can choose between a P50 or P100 load amount. If you try to convert other load amounts, you will receive an error message about the incorrect load request.

What are the participating telco networks for load conversion?

You may convert to any prepaid mobile number of Globe, Smart, and Sun Cellular.

What happens if I register my Pluxee Gift code twice for load conversion?

If you convert the same Pluxee Gift code, or try to convert a used Pluxee Gift code, the transaction will not proceed, and you will receive an error message.

What if I did not receive any verification code?

  • You can tap “Resend” at the bottom of the page.
  • Verification codes and One-time pins will expire after two minutes. If this happened, just tap on “resend” to receive a new code.

What is an Activation Code?

Activation Codes have a designated Pluxee Gift code with a fixed Peso value. Activation codes may be activated via SMS or, through our online portal.

What is Pluxee Gift code Load Conversion?

This is a feature where the Pluxee Gift code can be converted into telco or mobile load for prepaid phones.

What is your Customer Care hotline schedule?

You may reach our Customer Care hotline from Mondays to Fridays (excluding public holidays), from 9:00am to 6:00pm

Where can I redeem my Pluxee Gift code?

Visit our Merchant Locator at to see the complete list of Pluxee Gift code merchants.

Where can I see my Pluxee Gift credit transactions?

Tap TRANSACTIONS on the home screen of your Pluxee Philippines app to view all Pluxee Gift credits (received and used/spent).

Where Can I Use and Enjoy my Pluxee Gift?

Visit our Merchant Locator at to see the complete list of Pluxee Gift merchants.

Where can I use my Pluxee Gift credits?

Get a full list of where to enjoy your Pluxee Gift credits and to locate the merchants near you; visit our Merchant Locator at

Why can’t I activate my activation codes?

  • All activation codes have an effectivity date which can be found on the Activation code page. They can no longer be activated after they have expired.
  • To check the status of your activation codes, simply tap on “Activation Code” from the homepage.

Why can’t I convert my Pluxee Gift code to Pluxee Gift credits?

Please ensure that you input the complete and correct Pluxee Gift code; must be a 10-digit code.

Only Pluxee Gift codes issued as a universal voucher, accepted in all partner merchants, can be converted to Pluxee Gift credits. Pluxee Gift codes issued as a filtered loop (specific to a product/merchant; e.g. Pluxee Gift Christmas Basket, Pluxee Gift Christmas Ham, etc.) are not valid for conversion to Pluxee Gift credits.

Will I need mobile data or internet connection to use my Pluxee Gift credits?

Yes, you will need to be online to transact your Pluxee Gift credits via the Pluxee Philippines app.

What is Pluxee Gift?

Pluxee Gift is the country’s leading gift certificate, accepted in over 17,000 merchants nationwide. Flexible and suited to your preferred rewards journey, It comes in the following formats:

  • Pluxee Gift credits in the Pluxee Philippines app
  • Pluxee Gift codes, which are sent via SMS and email
  • Pluxee Gift cards, which have a scratch off film at the back containing the voucher code