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Facebook Contest Ideas for Your Next Marketing Promotion

Looking for inspiration for your next Facebook contest? Check out these ideas from Sodexo merchants.

Running a Facebook contest is one of the best ways to connect with your audience. It ups your engagement and allows you to grow and interact with your audience. When executed properly, it also gives you free advertising.

To help you get started, we did the pre-work of researching the most creative practices being done by our partner merchants today. Check out the list below for some ideas that will inspire you to run a Facebook contest of your own.

1. Pick a Prize

As part of their Valentine’s Day celebration, AirAsia held a contest where their followers could choose any item from their e-commerce site as a gift for their special someone.

What we love about this:

AirAsia has always been known as a booking platform for affordable flights, not a duty-free e-commerce store. By holding a contest like this, they were able to maximize the romantic holiday buzz to promote and drive traffic to their online shop.

AirAsia ticketing offices in Alabang and Makati are accepting Sodexo paper and digital GCs.

2. Race to a Million Followers

Lazada hosted a massive giveaway to achieve one goal: reach two million followers. For every target follower count reached, sets of prizes including official K-Pop lightsticks, air fryers, a smart TV, and more were prepared to be given away.

What we love about this:

The contest has taken their followers on a journey and engaged them more as Lazada achieved each follower milestone.

From having less than 1.3 million Tiktok followers when they started the contest, Lazada grew their audience to 1.7 million to date.

Lazada e-vouchers are available in the Shop tab of the Sodexo+ app.

3. Member-only Giveaway

AbensonHOME held a contest exclusive to the members of their online community, with a home appliance as a giveaway.

What we love about this:

Not only this contest increased abensonHOME’s engagement on social media, but it also grew their Viber community. It’s a smart and fun way to interact with your consumers and eventually convert that interaction into a sale.

AbensonHOME branches nationwide are accepting Sodexo paper and digital GCs.

4. Endorser Search

Shopee searches for the #NextShopeeEndorser as part of their 5.5 Brands Fest.

What we love about this:

Shopee partnered with brands from their ShopeeMall portal to reward their followers with cash. The contest mechanics are simple. It also encourages creativity and puts just the right amount of challenge for interested participants to join and get the chance to win the prize.

Shopee e-vouchers are available in the Shop tab of the Sodexo+ app.

5. Live Game

During a live event, Robinsons Supermarket hosted a game for stay-at-home moms and dads and their kids.

What we love about this:

Robinsons Supermarket took what could have been their offline event online and interacted with their attendees by inviting guest speakers and hosting a game live. And since the game was done during the event, winners were chosen and prizes were distributed instantly.

Robinsons Supermarkets nationwide are accepting Sodexo paper and digital GCs.

6. Interactive Online Game

Watsons Philippines celebrated the Skincare Festival with a simple Spin and Win game for their followers.

What we love about this:

Watsons developed a dedicated game page where their followers get one shot at a game where they can win e-vouchers and a special prize worth PHP 3,000. It’s a classic fun game and a lot of people just enjoy trying their luck.

Watsons stores nationwide are accepting Sodexo paper and digital GCs.

7. Quiz Contest

Sodexo+ digital GCs were given away to 5 lucky winners by simply answering an online quiz.

What we love about this:

Quizzes are a fun way to gather information from your followers. In this contest, we had the goal of knowing more about our audience’s preferences and quarantine habits. This allowed us to adjust our social media content strategy based on the results of the quiz while also gaining positive page engagement.

8. Treasure Hunt

Toy Kingdom invited collectors and enthusiasts on a hunt for a chance to win ultimate collector items.

What we love about this:

It’s targeted, and its weekly draws give equal chances to all joiners to win the grand prize. Also, Toy Kingdom included all their shopping platforms in the hunt, making it easier for participants to shop in the most convenient channel for them.

Toy Kingdom branches nationwide are accepting Sodexo paper GCs.

9. Selfie Contest

Shopwise asked their customers to post a selfie of selected items purchased from their stores to win digital gift certificates.

What we love about this:

Shopwise merged physical and digital experiences by incentivizing an in-store purchase with digital gift certificates their consumers can also use at their stores. By doing so, they give the winners the freedom to spend the prize however they want.

Shopwise Supermarkets nationwide are accepting Sodexo paper and digital GCs.


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