SMGP Choice

Everything you need to know about SM Gift Pass Choice

15 December 2023

Like with all things in this day and age, the art of gift-giving has also evolved over time. Nowadays, people have a lot of options when it comes to buying gifts and sometimes, it can get overwhelming. 

But perhaps, of all the choices that are available in the market today, there is nothing more flexible and convenient than the gift of the SM Gift Pass (SMGP) Choice. The latest addition to SM’s product line-up, SMGP Choice aims to make gift-giving a more convenient, personalized, and relevant experience for both giver and receiver. The best part? The SMGP Choice is perfect for personal gifting and corporate opportunities for internal employees and external sales.  

Here is a quick guide to SMGP Choice. 

What is SMGP Choice? 

Powered by Sodexo, SMGP Choice comes in the form of a card that has a scratchable film at the back, which reveals a 10-digit code and bar code. It can be used to purchase any item from SM Stores and affiliates. The SMGP Choice card comes in P100, P500, and P1000 denominations. More recently, SMGP Choice codes now also come in email and SMS formats. Designed with the gift givers and recipients in mind, it makes gift giving a hassle-free experience for everyone. The SMGP Choice in email and SMS formats come in P100, P500, P1000, and P2000 denominations. 

Whether you’re giving it as a gift to your loved ones, an incentive to your employees, or a reward at an event, everyone will surely appreciate the flexibility that SMGP Choice affords them. What’s more is that SMGP Choice does not expire. You can use it right away and at any time, forever. 

What is new with SMGP Choice? 

SMGP Choice

SMGP aims to keep up with the demands of every mobile customer. After all, the shopping experience now happens anytime, anywhere! SMGP Choice is developed to enable more recipients to enjoy SM Stores and affiliates no matter where they are in the country. 

1. Wider Merchant Network 

This product gives the recipient the power of Choice. Recipients of SMGP Choice can redeem in-store at supermarkets (i.e. SM Markets), retail stores (i.e.SM Store, Baby Company, Miniso, Uniqlo) and SM hotels (i.e. Conrad, Taal Vista, Pico Sands). Eventually, they will also be able to redeem from more lifestyle and leisure SM brands. 

2. Reward that keeps rewarding 

Using SMGP Choice allows you to rake up SM Advantage or SM Prestige loyalty points too. All you need to do is to present upon payment both SMGP Choice and either your SM Advantage or SM Prestige card. 

3. Easy to use 

For the card, simply scratch off the film and present to the cashier to pay. No card activation required. For SMGP Choice received via Email and SMS, just present the 10-digit alphanumeric code to the cashier, and you're all set! 


Is there a limit to the number of SMGP Choice I can use? 

None at all. You can use multiple SMGP Choice in one transaction. You can also use it together with other payment modes, like cash or credit cards. However, each card is only valid for one-time use and should be fully consumed as no change or sukli will be given. 

Where can I use SMGP Choice? 

SMGP Choice

No matter where your recipients are in the Philippines, there’s bound to be an SM Mall near them where they can use SMGP Choice. The list of brands where SMGP Choice is accepted includes: 

  • SM Store 
  • SM Supermarket  
  • SM Hypermarket 
  • Savemore 
  • Ace Hardware 
  • Baby Company 
  • Brownies Unlimited 
  • Crate & Barrel 
  • Crocs 
  • Forever 21** 
  • Innisfree 
  • Kultura Filipino 
  • Levi’s 
  • Miniso 
  • Our Home 
  • Pet Express 
  • Simply Shoes 
  • Surplus Shop 
  • Sports Central 
  • The Body Shop 
  • Toy Kingdom 
  • Uniqlo 
  • Waltermart Supermarket 
  • Waltermart Department Store 
  • Conrad Manila 
  • Pico Sands Hotel 
  • Taal Vista Hotel 
  • Radisson Blu Cebu 
  • Park Inn by Radisson Hotel (in Bacolod, Clark, Iloilo, North EDSA, or Davao)  

** selected outlets only 

For the full list of accepting merchants, visit  

Where can I purchase SMGP Choice?  

For personal gifting, you can buy SMGP Choice cards at the SM Store Customer Service booth. 

If you’re buying in bulk, you may fill up our form here so our sales representative may reach out to you.  

No more wrong shirt size for your dad, wrong bag color for your mom, incomplete set of toys for your godchildren, or same picture frames for your hard-working employees or trusted clients. You can now give the gift of Choice—something that everyone will surely appreciate. With its flexibility, ease of use, and acceptability with the largest chain of malls all over the Philippines, SMGP Choice is the newest and latest way to let the dearest people in your life know how much they mean to you.