Top 5 Modern Sales Techniques in the Philippines

9 June 2019

As the saying goes, old ways won't open new doors. Same goes to sales techniques. Vintage sales techniques are not that effective anymore in today's modern market scene. Because of the boom of the internet and information technology, consumers are wiser than ever.
Information is almost instant making consumers more equipped to make quick decisions without consulting to a salesperson. This makes the role of the sale teams more challenging in the modern and digitalized world.


1. Maximize Reviews & Feedback From Your Previous Clients

With modern technology, it is now easier to gather and present customer feedback and reviews from the products or services that you sell.

Letting your prospects know that others trust what you sell will help you to seal the deal. Also, customers love to read reviews to make them feel secure before they make a final decision to buy from you.

Appoint someone in your team to gather reviews and feedbacks and pick the most attractive but yet sincere reviews about your product. Work with the marketing team to craft a creative video you can use whenever you meet your prospects.


2. Make Use of Referral System

Work hand in hand with the marketing team for leading a referral program or system. Filipinos put high value and trust when the products are used by their family members, friends, and colleagues. By simply putting a referral incentive, you will encourage your existing customer to get some referral for you. Referred prospects are easier to deal with since you already have a personal network with your prospect.

For easier and hassle-free rewarding, use digital rewards so you can avoid administrative and logistical problems.

3. Conversational Rather Than Pitch

No matter how good you are in delivering your sales pitch, having a genuine conversation with your prospect is always more effective in today's modern market.

Customers are tired of pitches simply because they often appear as hard sell. Come to think of it, a sales pitch is synonymous to 'sales talk'.

While conversational spiels, on the other hand, allows you to have a genuine interaction with your valued prospect. Know your prospect's pain points and provide a solution for their challenges through the product and service you offer. In today's digitally savvy world, clients and prospects still prefer human to human interaction. Pinoys love to chat. bank on that and build your rapport.

No matter how digital your competitors are, if you are answering the right pain points of your clients, it will be easier for you to get their attention.

If you listen to your prospects, surely they will listen to you.

4. Explore The Right Network

Even before, your network is very important when you are in the field of sales. The larger your network is, the bigger your potential prospects are. But, in today's modern world where individuals are divided into small tribes, you have to find the right network.

For example, if you are in the field of real estate and your prospects are OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers), you might want to connect with organizations or groups related to OFWs. You can also use social media. You can simply join Facebook groups related to OFWs. Create something valuable for them when you join instead of going straight selling your product.

5. Making Your Customer 'The Hero'

If you and your company is the main hero all throughout your sales process, you have to rethink your story. Your prospect must be the hero, not you. People are tired of hearing 'our product is the best', 'we are the best' and so on.

Your prospect is the ones who have to save the world. Your main role as a salesman is just a supporting cast. The Alfred of Batman or the Pepper Pots of Ironman. You are there to help them achieve something great to make their lives or the people around them easier.