4 Effective Sales Strategies in the Philippines

15 May 2019

Right sales strategies will help you hone a bright future in the field of sales. Sales is a promising but very challenging career as you have to consistently hit your monthly, quarterly and annual targets.

If you want to close more deals and meet your targets, you have to ensure that your sales strategies will fit the buying behavior and characteristics of your clients. Thus, we collected some of the best sales strategies you can use in the Philippines according to Filipino buying traits to help you improve your numbers and hit that monthly target.

1. Listen to their pain points



Your client is looking for a product or services because he/she has a pain point that needs to be solved. Listening to your client will give you an understanding of what areas of your product can solve those challenges. If you can effectively connect what you offer to their pain points, then it will be easier for them to buy from you. Also, listening will help you empathize to your client which can build an emotional connection with them.

2. Utilize Storytelling

utilize storytelling


You want to make your sales pitch or conversation with your prospect client more impactful? Then utilize storytelling. This is one of the best sales strategies for the Philippine market as most Filipinos don't like to deal with straight boring facts or raw data. When you are in B2B sales, storytelling will make you 100% more effective since B2B solutions are often complicated to explain. Make sure that when you do storytelling, you differentiate your product from your competitors.

For instance, in the field of art, paintings are more valuable when the artist's story is featured. Good storytelling creates interest which gives your client a reason to invest as they can connect with what you sell.

3. Build a Good Relationship

building good relationship


People don't only buy solely on how good your product is, they also consider if the person. They want to deal with the sales guy who is trustworthy. Build a good image with your prospect. This is your greatest sales foundation. Make authentic conversations and build rapport so your prospect will feel comfortable and valued.

Moreover, If you are in the Philippines, a good relationship will play a big role to close deals since Filipinos deeply value personal relationships.

4. Communicate the End Result Effectively



Filipinos are wise, practical and even regarded as 'sigurista' or very certain type of consumers.  Always remember that they buy mainly for results, not just products or services. Once you’ve got your client's attention with what you can 'achieve', it’s now your job to clearly explain what they’ll get if they buy from you.

Final Thoughts

Sales do not only mean pushing your products or services. In order for you to be successful, you have to first understand the pain points and challenges of your client, build a relationship & effectively communicate with them.

There are unique characteristics of buying habits and behaviors in the Philippines that you should not forget to utilize in order for you to succeed in increasing your client base. Remember, your job as a sales professional is to provide a solution to every problem.