Digital Gifts You Can Send Right Now

20 July 2020

Finding thoughtful digital gifts ultimately becomes a life skill. At one point during the lockdown period, you’ve celebrated Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and a birthday or two. Sure, messaging and video calling help make you feel connected to your family and friends during special occasions. But the heartfelt act of gift-giving should not be compromised just because of social distancing. These days, finding thoughtful digital gifts ultimately becomes a life skill. We listed down 5 of our favorite digital gifts below:

1. Streaming service subscriptions 

netflix image


Screengrabbed from NetflixGive the gift of entertainment.  A lot of streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, andHBO GOoffer catalogs of local and international shows your recipient can binge-watch while at home. 

2. Virtual workout membership 

balanced body

Screengrabbed from Barre3 PhilippinesHome quarantine is an amazing excuse to try things you’ve never done before—like a virtual home workout! And what better way to support someone’s #fitnessgoals than an online workout membership to fitness centers like Barre3? Yoga sessions and martial arts classes are also now being offered by health studios like Kali Mundo and Beyond Yoga. You can even get one for yourself and be virtual workout buddies. 

3. Digital game coupons 

digital game coupons

Screengrabbed from Nintendo E-ShopIf you know someone who explores the gaming realm to take a break from reality, surprise them with digital game coupons. Nintendo e-shop vouchers and Mobile Legends diamond coupons are just some of the few things that can make your gamer friends smile from ear-to-ear. 

4. Premium mental health app subscriptions 

mental health app

Screengrabbed from MoodpathWhile you can’t be with loved ones and peers IRL right now, you can still make them feel less alone. You can give premium subscriptions to mental health apps like Youper, Moodpath, and InnerHour. These apps will particularly be helpful for people who are having a hard time dealing with stress during the pandemic. Mental health assessments, mood trackers, AI-powered conversations, and personalized psychological exercises are just some of the few things these apps offer. 

5. Pluxee Philippines app

You can never go wrong with everyone’s favorite Pluxee Gift credit through the Pluxee Philippines app. This allows employers to send out digital GCs to a free app through an easy-to-use web portal. If you received Pluxee Gift credit from your employer, you can share these easily with anyone using the app. No need to worry about when your gift will arrive at their doorstep. They’ll receive it directly on their mobile phones and be able to enjoy it at thousands of merchants nationwide. (Visit