SM Gift Pass Choice

The SM Gift Pass Choice is here!

SMGP Choice

About the SM Gift Pass Choice

The SM Gift Pass (SMGP) Choice, powered by Pluxee, is a gifting solution designed to cater to diverse needs. It has a fixed Peso value and can be instantly used to pay for transactions at SM Stores, SM Markets, and SM retail affiliates. 

SMGP Choice comes as a 10-digit numeric code, which can be distributed via SMS, email PDF attachment, or a physical card with a scratch-off film that covers the code.  

The SMGP Choice card is available in three (3) denominations: P100, P500, and P1000. It is ready-to-use, non-expiring, and valid for one-time use only. 

How to use your SMGP Choice

1. Go to your store of choice and pick your desired items 

2. Surrender your SMGP Choice with the 10-digit alphanumeric code to the cashier. The amount will be deducted from the total transaction. 

SMGP Choice should be fully consumed in one transaction. No change or sukli will be provided if the total amount is not used. 

Where to use your SMGP Choice

SM Store Customer Service

SMGP Choice card

Avail of the Physical Card at your nearest SM Store Customer Service


SMGP Choice

Avail of the SMS/Email codes of SM Gift Pass Choice via Pluxee Shop

Bulk orders

SMGP Choice Formats

Avail of bulk orders of all SMGP Choice formats with from your Pluxee sales representatives

Terms and Conditions

  1. The SMGP Choice is valid for use at all SMGP Choice partner merchants.   
  2. The SMGP Choice amount is valid for one-time use only. It should be fully consumed in one transaction.   
  3. This SMGP Choice is not convertible to cash.   
  4. Partner merchant policies on acceptance of the SMGP Choice shall apply.   
  5. Sodexo shall not be liable for any claims or damages directly arising from or incidental to the purchase of the goods and/or services from partner merchants.