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Pluxee Gift credits


Pluxee Gift credits

Reward your top-performers in real-time
  • Instantly distribute as credits from a web portal to your recipient’s Pluxee Philippines app
  • Secure, OTP-protected, PCIDSS-certified
  • Allows partial redemption up to the last centavo
  • Acceptance at over 10,000 merchants and app-exclusive stores 
Pluxee Gift code


Pluxee Gift code

Simplify the rewards experience with SMS and email
  • No storage requirements and manual tracking of rewards
  • Seamless system integration
  • Can be personalized with your message and logo
  • Can be customized for specific merchants and products 
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Pluxee Gift card

Give tangible digitally powered rewards
  • Can be used instantly, no activation needed
  • Can be converted into Pluxee Gift credits
  • Secure code protected by a scratch-off film
  • Can be customized with your logo or specific products 

Proven rewards solutions



100% sales target achieved

A pharmaceutical brand launched a campaign to incentivize dealers and increase sales productivity. 

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61% preference for digital

We served a popular brand to incentivize their dealers and distributors. More than half preferred to redeem their reward via our digital vouchers due to convenience and ease of use.