How to revalidate my Sodexo Mobile Pass? - Sodexo

How to revalidate my Sodexo Mobile Pass?

Mobile Pass “FOR REVALIDATION AFTER” means that the Mobile Pass needs to be revalidated in our office once it reaches the revalidation due date. The same applies for Mobile Passes with “VALID UNTIL” that will expire on the specified date but just bring it to our office for revalidation and we will replace your Mobile Pass with the new one. This is FREE of charge.

  • You must send a screen capture of the code via email at
  • Our Customer Service Representative will ask you to fill out a form which will include among others:
    -Mobile Number
    -Email – if applicable
    -Fully Accomplished Revalidation Request Form
  • We will validate these passes by inspecting the Mobile Pass’ validity and authenticity prior to proceeding with pass replacement.
  • If your request for revalidation is valid and approved, you will then receive a confirmation message via email or SMS that your New Mobile Pass code has been sent. For other details, including the passes valid for revalidation, please see our Terms and Conditions.