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Why is it challenging to create recognition programs for Filipino Employees

3 May 2019

Employee recognition program is one of the best tools for you to boost overall company performance. An effective recognition program is like an investment that pays multiple returns.

Here are some of them:

  • Reinforce positive behavior
  • Increase engagement 
  • Set the right expectations 
  • Motivates to achieve great things
  • Employee retention

Nonetheless, there are a few common challenges that stand away in getting most out of that investment. If not implemented properly, it will simply just a waste of resources.

In the Philippines, some industries experience a very tough competition when it comes to acquiring talents and employee recognition is one of the keys to survive and win in the war of talents.

Here are some of these industries:

  • Recruitment Industry
  • BPO (Call Center)
  • Pharmaceutical 
  • IT & Electronics

Because of the Philippines' unique culture, finding an effective recognition program is a big challenge for most companies. -And in this article, we will be highlighting some of the biggest reasons behind.

1. Filipinos want it personalized 

Many companies in the Philippines providing recognition program for their employees aren't getting the right return for their investment. One of the main reason is their programs lack personalization. Remember that Filipinos are highly subjective and emotional individuals. Keep in mind, the more personalized, the more memorable and authentic the experience is.

2. So much value with personal relationships

Who doesn't want to have additional perks on top of your salary when you've done a good job? As an HR manager or CEO, you have to understand that Filipinos highly value relationship and harmony. In fact, they consider co-workers as family.  It is common that you'll hear calling a colleague Nanay, Tatay, Kuya, Ate, etc. The point is, too much focus on individual recognition might lead to a negative working environment.

3. They hate competition

Because of the non-individualistic culture of Filipinos, they often hate and as much as possible tries to avoid competing with each other. Let's face it, some recognition programs are partly competition. The irony is competing for recognition or rewards program may affect the relationship of the team. Which may lead to envy, gossip, etc.

4. Recognition programs are options are limited

HR and CEOs know how it is hard to implement recognition programs, especially for big companies where there is a huge number of employees. However, there are still few companies in the Philippines that offers easy and effective solutions for recognition programs.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of factors to consider when you are pushing for an employee recognition program in the company. Nevertheless, when done right, like an investment, surely, you'll realize great returns. Furthermore, you have to consider a lot of factors and one of the biggest challenges is to consider cultural factor.

On the other hand, aside from cultural factors, options are also very limited. There is a very limited number of solutions you can find to help you with your recognition program. Luckily, Pluxee Philippines offers an effective and personalized recognition solution for employees. Learn more about our solutions here.