Employee Experience

Secrets to Establish Highly Engaged Employees

4 July 2019

Successful companies know the importance of developing highly engaged employees. These employees are very productive and dedicated to their jobs and share a common goal with the company. They are highly energetic and inspired to work.
When employees are disengaged, their productivity is usually low. They do their tasks for the sake of having a job and contribute to making the environment less encouraging.

According to research, only 32% of employees are engaged and 17.2% of employees are actively disengaged.

Keep in mind that by improving your engagement rate, it will be easier for your organization to achieve its goals. Thus, here are some of the secrets on how to establish highly engaged employees:

1. Communicate the right expectations

If you communicate expectations to your employees clearly, your employees will be able to know how to perform better. It's important to align them on the things they should prioritize every day in their job. Set reasonably expectations. Oftentimes, if the expectations are not doable or almost impossible to achieve, it will only lead to demotivation or frustration.

2. Let them understand your vision

On top of giving them the right compensation, you must give your employees a sense of purpose. Let them value and understand their roles in your company and how they can contribute to your company's vision. In this way, they will feel valued and taken care of.

3. Empower your line managers 

They say, “People leave managers, not companies.” And they are right. The level of employee engagement is directly correlated to their working relationship with their direct managers or supervisors.

For you to build a positive and engaging organization, start with building positive interaction and empowering your line managers to engage with your bottom line.

4. Work on your reward & recognition programs

You must take into consideration that everybody wants to be acknowledged in their contributions and achievements. To further motivate them to do a better job at work, develop a memorable reward and recognition program. This will help you show that you put high value on results and these results are appreciated by the organization.

5. Nurture your employees' potential

Who wants to stay in the same job or position for life? Of course, the answer is no. Employees, especially those who are highly skilled and career-oriented, are longing for growth and opportunities. Be the catalyst for their growth by giving them training and developmental plans for high performing employees. It will not only engage your employees but also make them more loyal to the organization.