A Pluxee company, launches CSR initiatives to fulfill its NetZero commitment

16 August 2023

The effects of climate change continue to be felt in our everyday lives. Case in point: heat waves, wildfires, and intense flooding are no longer isolated cases. In fact, the UN has reported that the magnitude of these consequences has never been seen before in history. The question remains: is it too late to act?
Short answer: No, we still have time to turn things around.
This is why we at Pluxee, a Sodexo company, are pulling out all the stops to lessen our carbon footprint. With our commitment to reach NetZero targets no later than 2035, our goal is to contribute to a positive environmental impact this year and beyond.

Encouraging sustainable behavior through little steps 


Global CSR Day Kickoff 

Last May 11, we kicked off Global CSR Day with meaningful initiatives such as the announcement of the Clean Commute Challenge, lights off during lunch break, and a fun activity that fueled employees' creativity, which challenged them to create reusable office supplies from readily available resources in the workplace. 

Pluxee NetZero CSR



Pluxee NetZero CSR


Employees were further divided into teams, where different everyday activities had corresponding point systems that were added (usage of reusable baon items, teammates carpooling or walking together) or deducted (bringing or using single-use plastics, not unplugging laptops after work) to the total team score. 

netzero team challenge

The Clean Commute Challenge 

From May 22 to June 2, employees were encouraged to share their new sustainable commute method through LinkedIn or Yammer. 

clean commute challenge

Additionally, everyone was encouraged to calculate their CO2 everyday using the Footprint app, which offers a collaborative interface for organizations to reduce their carbon footprints. 

WFH Fridays 

To further reduce carbon emissions by lessening electricity usage, the organization also launched a collective Work from Home initiative every Friday. 

Tree Planting 

With tree planting proven to improve air quality and avert the impact of climate change, the local C-suite and employees planted 350 molave trees at La Mesa Eco Park last June 2. This served as one of the highlights of our environmental CSR initiatives. 

pluxee tree planting


pluxee tree planting

It is our hope that with small actions like these, we get one step closer to making ripples of change for this generation and the next. 

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