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It's Secret Santa season: Essential gifts for your upcoming office Kris Kringle

25 October 2023

‘Tis the season of office Kris Kringle!
During very hectic times, it’s small activities like these that can help foster camaraderie and lift everyone’s spirits. Bring back the fun with these fool-proof Secret Santa themes your teams are sure to enjoy.

Something festive

Employee Experience

The yuletide season is all about making every interaction remarkable. It could also mean making the ordinary extraordinary in your own little way. So, why not kick off your Kris Kringle with a theme that’s sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.

Gift idea: Give your recipient a sparkly Christmas décor or a trendy fashion accessory they can use for all their upcoming reunions.

If you’re an HR Director, why not surprise your employees with our digital GC via SMS/Email? The best part? Your recipients can choose where they want to spend their digital GCs. Plus, you can send it out in an instant.

Something nostalgic

Employee Experience

A healthy sense of nostalgia can bring a great deal of comfort. Sometimes, unleashing your forgotten inner child is necessary to navigate the adult world. Get ready to take a trip back to memory lane.

Gift idea: Shop for some iconic childhood toys, character notebooks, and classic novels that defined your youth.

If you’re a Procurement Head, why not gift your recipient with our Purefoods Ham digital GCs to enable them to create new unforgettable memories with their loved ones?

Something sweet

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Sweets always have a way of being an instant mood booster. From chocolates, to cookies, to confectionaries—give your recipient a treat to look forward to for a hard day’s work.

Gift idea: Opt to bake some goodies or shop for artisan chocolates from a local business.

If you’re a Sales Director, how about letting your sales team or channels choose their sweet treat with our universal gift card?

Something for self-care

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With the workload piling up amid the holidays, give your Secret Santa something that can help them take a breather. It could be an item that they can use for their work breaks or for self-care on the weekends.

Gift idea: It could be as simple as a stress ball or calming tea bags. You could also give your monito or monita a scented candle (trust us, this gift never goes out of style)

Something practical

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You can never go wrong with a useful gift that your recipient can use daily. Be it for the office or something for their home, it’s not just the thought that counts here.

Gift idea: Give your recipient a mug for their morning coffee. You can also give them a cute coin purse for their daily commute.

If you’re a Marketing Director looking for a way to use this Secret Santa theme for your campaign, how about letting your customers choose their gift with their credits?

Save the hassles and logistical woes for your Christmas corporate gifting needs. Plus, you even have the option to customize your gift.