Employee Experience

Best Tips to Improve Employee Engagement at Work

14 February 2018

Have you recently checked the engagement level of your employee? If you haven’t yet, then you should take some actions before you lose good people, or worse, it might take a toll on the operation of your business, long-term-wise.

So if you want your staff to be at their best and top form, and give you good business results, you have to make sure that they are engaged and equally motivated.

Here are the best tips to increase employee engagement at work:

1. Listen to your employees


Before you can develop any strategy to improve engagement in your workplace, you have to first listen to your employees’ voice. This way, you will be able to gather relevant information, as well as transmit a message to your people that their opinion and feedback are being valued and accounted for.

2. Make Work FUN for your Employees

employees having fun

It’s true that every organization’s purpose is to grow and sustain their business operation in order to become more competitive and profitable in the market and industry that they operate into. With this, it only follows that its people should be focus on that goal to ensure the success of their company. However, this does NOT mean that there is no room for fun in the workplace (if that’s what you think this is going). In fact, all business organizations and its HR department should recognize “Fun at Work” program because according to a study, companies with happy employees outperform employees by 20% and are 12% more productive.

3. Give them the reward they deserve!


Recognition drives productivity. In fact, more than two-third (69%) of your employees would work harder if they felt that their efforts are appreciated.[2] However, you should always keep in mind that there is no blanket approach in rewarding employees because in the end, it still depends on the needs of your people. Given that, you should be able to pinpoint those needs and work on it to be able to build the employee incentives program fit to your staff.

give the best reward

Having engaged employees will definitely take your organization closer to realizing its business goals, but of course there will be challenges along the way. So if you are looking for ways to increase your people’s engagement at work, we at Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services can offer you our solutions that have already been tested by over 3,000 multinational and local companies all over the country. Our Sodexo Premium Pass will definitely be the perfect employee reward tool because it will not only eliminate the hassle on your end, but it will also enable your beneficiaries to choose the reward fit to their preference(s) in more than 10,000 merchants nationwide!