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Benefits of digitalization to employee engagement

6 May 2018

Technology and the internet of things are continuously providing several advantages and improvements not just to our personal lives but also in the workplace. But how do you think this new era can help you with employee engagement?

These technological improvements in the workplace can have both positive and negative effects that may also affect the team's engagement. We also know that improved employee engagement also helps organization in a lot of aspects aside from profitability (which is usually the main result of engagement). Did you know that 71% of Filipinos are engaged in their work making the Philippines one of the most engaged countries in Asia, according to a recent study conducted by Aon?

In case you are still wondering or not sure with what the digital age can help you with regard to the engagement of your organization, here are some improvements you can experience when you utilize these technologies in boosting your company’s employee engagement.


Improved Communication

Communicating through various apps in the phone


With the introduction of social media sites, many communication tools are also being introduced targeting working professionals. The main objective of these communication tools in the workplace is to solve collaboration and also help increase interaction in the workplace. You can maximize this kind of technology as it will help you discuss things even outside the workplace.

This may sound a bit unusual, but engaged employees are always willing to work extra hours (even on their free time outside work) as technology is helping them balance their work and life making it easy for them to respond easily to their colleagues and bosses. But make sure to only choose relevant communication tools to avoid them being disorganized and overloaded with information and concerns.

Communication tools and other social media sites that you can use to improve the way you communicate with your employees can also be used to inform them about what’s new with the company. This can also help you reach remote employees and help to make them feel valued at all times.


Increased Productivity

Steps made from wooden blocks


Digital era’s main objective is to increase efficiency in everything that we do. Increased efficiency is also the result of higher engagement rate brought to us by technologies. By restructuring processes and eliminating ordinary barriers, companies incorporating digital in the workplace helps them function at topmost ability.


Better Recognition Program

Boss clapping for employee's achievement


Employees who are working outside the office or in remote areas targeting local markets are often neglected with company news and activities. And to help you with this challenge, you can use readily available tools to improve your recognition program and launch a company-wide reward scheme (including remote employees) or you may ask business service companies that offer customizable employee incentive program to craft one for you. These digital solutions are highly relevant today as it keeps the engagement of all employees at a higher level, especially to employees belonging to Gen Y (millennial) and Gen Z.

These generations both adapt to technology faster and prefer newer types of recognition programs. Just consider when you launch incentive programs that you communicate with them well and consider employees who are new to technologies or not comfortable with them to avoid dissatisfaction. You can always combine digital and traditional strategies where rewards programs can be launched through digital and rewards that they can earn can be physical items.


More Option for Rewarding

Touching the plus sign


And since we’re talking about a better recognition program with the help of digital solutions, there are a lot of options we can get and can be customized to cater to what we need. These also include mobile rewarding- type of program where you can take advantage of how mobile phones are being utilized by Filipinos on their daily lives. Choosing mobile rewards can help you reach your employees in their preferred device.

This is where we can actually consider electronic gift certificates from Sodexo Mobile Pass which will help you solve the hassle of distributing rewards to your employees as it offers distributions through SMS and Email.

So, whatever your concerns with the digital age, the benefits of incorporating technology on our daily operations are clear: encourage a collaborative, efficient and engaged environment that help drives business outcomes.