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5 ways to prepare your employees for the Christmas season

14 September 2023

Christmas is finally here!
All over the world, we Filipinos are known to celebrate the longest yuletide season. By now, you’ve probably heard Jose Mari Chan songs on the radio and seen festive Christmas décor everywhere. In the workplace, the Christmas season might have already been manifested through strategical presentations and seasonal sales targets, among others.

The question now is: how can you make sure your employees don’t get burned out amid the holiday rush?

Check out these tips.

Offer flexible work schedules

Christmas is the busiest time of the year for your employees. It can mean opening shop earlier, frequent overtime, and more customer demands that require immediate attention. Factored in with personal festivities, this is the time when everyone’s plate is stretched. Allow your employees ample room to rest and recuperate. Be generous enough to let them set some of the pace depending on weekly priorities.

Hire extra hands

Anticipate the influx of holiday requests and prepare some backup. Consider adding seasonal workers to your roster that can help manage the holiday rush. Additionally, amid the hustle and bustle, don’t forget to show some appreciation for your employees by providing treats like thank-you snacks, meals, and drinks. You can do this with Sodexo+ and Mobile Pass, and let your employees enjoy their digital gift certificates from merchants like Chili’s, Wingzone, and more.

Provide mental health support

Research has shown that the holiday season can increase stress and anxiety. Coupled with work pressures and compressed timelines, your workforce might experience even more heightened stress levels, which could hamper their productivity. Make sure you have a structured wellness assistance program in place to help support your employees’ mental wellbeing.

Foster camaraderie through yuletide activities

Remember that it’s okay to take a breather. How about organizing a Christmas-themed karaoke on Friday nights, having wacky themed kris kringles bi-weekly, or getting everyone together for some festive potluck just because? Letting your employees enjoy some downtime through social activities not only amps up the group camaraderie, but also boosts employee morale.

Spread holiday cheer with meaningful gifts and rewards

Pay it forward and show appreciation to your employees with magical rewards that spark joy. Plus, did you know that it can increase their motivation too? In fact, one recent study has found that 85 percent of employees surveyed were encouraged to perform even better when they had incentives to look forward to.

Here at Pluxee, a Sodexo company, we believe that there is plenty of Christmas magic to go around for everyone without losing its sparkle—and that includes your organization. Ready to unpack a world of gifting opportunities with awesome discounts and deals?

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