Employee Experience

5 Things You Need to Know About Working Moms

15 May 2023

From logistical hurdles to societal stigmas, the world has placed a tremendous amount of pressure on working moms. In fact, 1 in 4 women have been found to consider either leaving their workplace for good or reducing their work hours. Now, it is up to organizations to rise to the occasion and support this crucial segment of the workforce.

Here are 5 things working moms want their workplaces to know.

A real dose of clarity is not passe

Don’t keep working moms in the dark about policy changes, job expectations, and performance standards. Communicating clarity from top-down helps them plan in terms of arranging childcare, managing household chaos, and finding time for pockets of sanity on top of their work duties.

Asking for support is not a sign of weakness

Make your workplace a safe space for working moms to ask for help. Empathy will never go out of style, and it’s good to be proactive about it too. For instance, the simple act of starting meetings with a quick check-in or implementing parent-friendly scheduling policies is a good way to start.

mother and daughter


Customizable caregiving is here to stay

Dubbed as the most prominent workplace trend for working parents today, customizable caregiving is driven by the sandwich generation of Gen Zs and millennials who are in between two responsibilities—caring for their aging parents on one hand and caring for their kids on the other.

Bespoke benefits are the way to go. The API-integrated Sodexo Mobile Pass can help you amplify this trend with automated customized journeys that enable you to define and set your own qualifiers. Here, you can choose from over 7,800 partner merchants nationwide for this segment of your workforce.


Keep the door wide open for remote work

A recent study has found that remote work can save an average of 72 minutes a day. That’s more than enough time for working moms to get their bearings and transition from diligent worker to loving mother, sans the added stress of commuting to and from work.

Parenthood doesn’t make working moms any less competent

A working mom who has mouths to feed doesn’t make her any less devoted or less productive at work. The stigma that fuels this perception has unfortunately cost some working moms rightful pay increases or promotions. Trust us, it’s far from their minds to slack off. Their commitment to your organization hasn’t changed despite entering a new life chapter.

At one of the most cherished seasons in their life, working moms just need your support. As leaders and managers, it’s never too late to step up and get involved.