5 sales incentives that actually work

18 November 2022

Everybody loves incentives. They help propel us to achieve goals and targets. They make things fun and exciting. Other times, they give us a reason to pay closer attention to things we might otherwise miss. Of course, employees are no exception. In fact, employees love a good incentive.

When done right, employee incentive programs can help motivate and engage employees. They can also bring about a happy workplace because it boosts morale and overall wellness. In coming up with ideas on what can be used in your employee incentive programs, you have to be strategic. To get the best bang for your buck, your incentives should be something that your employees would want.  

The kind of incentives that employees enjoy vary a great deal. But no matter how different members of your workforce may be, there are some incentives that will always work and empower them to be their best. Here are some sales incentive ideas:  


1. A cartful of groceries

There is something about essential grocery items that brings joy to people. Afterall, these would usually contain the essentials that one needs for everyday living. There are employees who also enjoy the whole grocery shopping experience. Trips to the grocery store are always delightful since it has everything one can possibly need: food, toiletries, home items, clothing items, and even appliances. Besides, when grocery shopping, not only are you shopping for your needs but for the household as well.


2. Exclusive dining experiences

Now that things are returning back to normal, people are trying to satisfy every food craving they have suppressed over the last three years of this pandemic. Everyone loves a good meal, no matter what time of day. Good food provides inexplicable bliss that is personal to lots of people.  


3. Medicine allowance

People nowadays are observing practices to ensure that they are in good health. They want to make sure that their immune systems are strong so as not to contract the virus and other diseases. A medicine cabinet stocked with essentials would be great to have at this time. Vitamins and medicines don’t usually come cheap. Having a medicine allowance would definitely help in getting that peace of mind without having to break the bank.


4. Shopping allowance for clothing and gadgets

Since people are coming out of their homes, some people need to update their wardrobes. There are also people who like to beef up their home office spaces with the latest gadgets and gizmos for the maximum WFH comfort and efficiency. Getting a shopping allowance from their employers would definitely be a source of joy for everyone, especially the fashionistas and the tech geeks.


5. Skincare and beauty items

Self-care is now becoming more of a need and less an indulgence. From enjoying a good skincare regimen or scheduling a visit to the derma or the salon, each step brings you one step closer to looking and feeling good. When you feel good about yourself, you come into a good mindset and become better equipped to face the world’s challenges.

Pinning the right incentive idea can be a challenge. Imagine having to shop personally for these items too. Thankfully, everything is becoming digital, so gift-giving and incentive distribution are now fuss-free and happen with just a couple of clicks. Whether it’s a cartful of grocery essentials or a boxful of skincare must-haves, you can now send these incentives to your employees through digital GCs!