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5 employee engagement activities you can try for the summer

15 January 2024

With the summer season in full swing, your employees might be drifting in vacation mode—and this can affect workplace productivity. In fact, a study found that productivity drops 20 percent during this season. Another study found that projects take 13 percent longer to complete with rising temperatures.


To combat this, it might be time to take another look at your employee engagement activities to boost camaraderie and increase productivity.

As an HR manager, you might be asking, how can I keep my employees fully engaged during these slow months? Look no further. Here are some ideas:

Employee Experience

Themed Friday potlucks

You can pick a category (i.e. healthy merienda bonanza, after-work drinks, fun in the sun) to go with your potlucks. Amp it up with music that matches the mood, a simple activity, or even a fashion theme to go with.

15-minute wellness breaks

Employee Experience

Sitting for hours on end with minimal movement not only causes health issues and muscle strain, it can also contribute to the productivity slump too. Keep your employees alive, alert, awake, and enthusiastic with short wellness breaks sprinkled throughout the day—anything from stretching, to desk yoga, to breathing exercises.

Giving back

Keep the fire of purpose alive and cultivate a sense of gratitude by giving back to the community. Be it planting trees to reduce carbon emissions or setting up a food pantry for an underdeveloped barangay, the possibilities are endless. Just make sure that the activity is aligned with your organization’s larger goals (i.e., hitting Net Zero in X years).

Fun daily or weekly prompts

Employee Experience

Employee engagement activities don’t always have to involve large scale activities or going outside the office. It can be done through email or your internal socials/messaging platforms. Schedule some interactive prompts to keep employees’ creative juices flowing, like crossword activities about the company or task-oriented weekly challenges. Remember to give prizes while you’re at it.

Team building

Summer is the perfect time to have an out-of-town team building with the entire organization. Treat this as an opportunity for employees, managers, and C-suite to forge stronger bonds outside of the typical work setting to enhance communication and encourage creativity. Check out this list of team building activities for ideas.

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