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About Sodexo

About Sodexo Group

Founded in Marseille in 1966 by Pierre Bellon, Sodexo is the global leader in services that improve the quality of life, an essential factor in individual and organizational performance. Operating in 80 countries, Sodexo serves 75 million consumers each day through its unique combination of On-site Services, Benefits and Rewards Services, and Personal and Home Services.

Through its more than 100 services, Sodexo provides clients an integrated offering developed over 50 years of experience: from food services, reception, maintenance and cleaning, to facilities and equipment management; from Meal Pass, Gift Pass, and Mobility Pass benefits for employees to in-home assistance, childcare centers and concierge services. Sodexo’s success and performance are founded on its independence, its sustainable business model, and its ability to continuously develop and engage its 427,000 employees throughout the world.

Sodexo in the Philippines   

Sodexo is the leader in gifting and rewards in the Philippines. Since it started the Benefits and Rewards Services operations in March 2003, Sodexo has been driven by its mission to enhance the quality of life of their consumers through employee experience, external incentives, and Christmas gifting solutions.  Today, Sodexo is bringing digitalized services that make gifting and rewarding not just memorable and rewarding, but also safe, secure, and easy to more than 2 million consumers nationwide.

Our Products

Sodexo has a wide array of products designed to fit the diverse needs of its clients: the Sodexo Premium Pass, with the widest merchant network accepted in over 10,000 merchant outlets across the country; and co-branded gift certificates like the SM Gift Pass and WalterMart Gift Pass

In recent years, because of the rapid growth of digitalization, Sodexo added innovative digital solutions to its roster: the Sodexo Mobile Pass, a digital reward that comes in the form of a 10-digit code which can be sent via SMS or e-mail; and Sodexo+, a digital GC that comes in the form of credits that can be sent straight to a recipients' mobile app from an easy-to-use client portal.

For inquiries, please contact our hotlines at Manila Head Office at (02) 8689-4700 or Cebu Office at (032) 342-0188 to 91. Our Customer Care Team can be reached via e-mail at customercare.svc.ph@sodexo.com or by visiting https://customercare.sodexo.ph/.

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