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Create a high performing sales team with effective and ideal sales channel rewards in the Philippines

Motivate your sales force through cost-effective and most practical sales incentive rewards that can fit all the preferences and needs of your unique and diverse teams nationwide.

Did you know? You can drive more sales by giving the right reward to your sales channel partners.

Secure and instant digital gift certificates.

Send GCs to your recipients real time through a web portal and let them enjoy these down to the last centavo through contactless transactions using the Sodexo+ app.

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Freedom of choice for any lifestyle.

The Sodexo Premium Pass is accepted in over 12,000 merchants nationwide, from major supermarkets, most preferred retail brands, to go-to restaurants and trusted health and wellness establishments.

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Sodexo Premium Pass

SMS and e-mail based solution.

With Sodexo's Mobile Pass, you can send fixed-amount GCs as low as PhP10 denominations via SMS or e-mail. You can also assign specific merchants and products on the GC as required by your campaign.

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Gifts fit for all ages on all occasions.

Give The SM Gift Pass is the official GC of the largest retail brand in the country. It's accepted at the SM branches and all affiliate shops such as Ace Hardware, Uniqlo, Toy Kingdom, and many more.

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SM Gift Pass

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