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Virtual Office Activities To Level Up Your WFH Setup

As companies shift to remote work arrangements, having virtual office activities can be an effective way to bring teams closer and maintain good company culture. At one point or another, everyone might have caught cabin fever already. And we can use a little bit of fun, for sure.

If you are craving for social interaction or simply want to do something different, here are a few virtual office activities you can try.

1. Share-A-Photo Day!

Share a Photo Day!

Everyone loves taking photos. So this one is definitely a hit!

Once a week, prompt your team to share photos based on a theme. Of course, you can set the themes based on your team’s common likes and interests.

Here are a few of our theme suggestions:

  • What’s For Lunch? 
  • Bring-Your-Pet-To-Virtual-Office Day! 
  • WFH #OOTDs 
  • Messy Workspaces
  • Team Meeting Snapshots 
  • Funniest GIF Wars

To make things more interesting, you can have a weekly winner based on the number of hearts a photo gets.

2. Quarantine karaoke

Two things that unite people – food and music! If you miss bonding with your officemates, one of the virtual office activities you can do is tohold a virtual karaoke session!

There are a lot of karaoke apps like Smule, available on Google Play and App Store for free. Download the app, choose a song, and sing along together! You can even play your recording back and share a few laughs.

3. Netflix party

Netflix Watch Party
Screengrab from Netflix Party

With Netflix party Chrome extension, hosting long-distance movie nights is now possible.

Invite your colleagues to a movie (or series) after work. Netflix party will sync the playback and create a group chat feature where you can virtually hang out while watching a show. It’s free and easy to use. All you need is a Google Chrome app on your desktop (and, well, a Netflix account)!

4. Online Pinoy Henyo

Who said that this classic game can only be done face-to-face?

One member chooses a theme and facilitates the game. Divide the rest of the team members into two groups and create a group chat for each. Each group needs to do two things:

  1. Choose a leader/guesser; and
  2. Come up with 10 words related to the theme given by the facilitator

Once the words are set, each group has two minutes to guess as many words as possible from the set given by the competing team. The group who can guess more words is the winner.

In the case of a tie, the facilitator comes up with a theme for another round.

5. Virtual field trip

Van Gogh Museum
Screengrab from Google Arts and Culture

Just because your travel plans are cancelled doesn’t mean you can’t travel anymore. While you’re safe at home, there are a lot of places you can now visit virtually. (Thank you, Internet!) 

Schedule a virtual trip with your teammates. One person can be the ‘tour guide’ so s/he can share their screen and you can all go on the trip together! We scoured the Internet for the best virtual tours you can do and came up with this sample itinerary.

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Time Virtual Activity
9:00 AM Assembly time
9:15 AM Start of local tours
Admire the Manila Reborn exhibit of post-war Manila
9:45 AM Virtually visit the Presidential Museum and Library
10:00 AM Learn about the Marcos regime through Martial Law Museum’s online resources
10:30 AM Appreciate over 17 exhibits of Filipino street art from the Filipino Street Art Project
11:00 AM Go virtual snorkeling at Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park
11:30 AM Buy art souvenir at Cartellino
12:00 NN End of local tours
1:00 PM Assembly time
1:15 PM Start of international tours
Early check-in at Legoland Hotel in Florida
1:30 PM Enjoy The Louvre’s four virtual tours
2:15 PM Fly to Amsterdam and go for a walk at the Van Gogh Museum
2:45 PM Explore Seaworld Orlando and ride the roller-coaster
3:30 PM Say hello to the animals at the Cincinnati Zoo via Facebook live
4:15 PM Attend a Virtual Happy Hour courtesy of Buttonwood Grove Winery
5:00 PM Catch The Met Opera’s Nightly Opera Streams
5:30 PM End of international tours

You’re welcome!

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