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Top 5 Powerful Marketing Automation Tools

With the rapid practice and tech advancement in the digital landscape, there are tons of choices when it comes to marketing automation tools. Because of this, many marketers are stuck and confused on which one to use. It is tremendously hard to know the difference between the tools and industry landscape can be difficult.

Now, we are proud to introduce to you our top picks for marketing automation tools according to research we conducted to help you evaluate which one is the best for your marketing goals and industry.

1. Marketo

Pricing Starts at $1,195/month or P62,140/month

Marketo has already made a big name in the marketing industry over the past few years. It is a complete lead generation and management solution. It provides email marketing tool, SEO tool similar SEM Rush, it also has the capacity to personalized your site's content depending on your audience using predictive intelligence. One the major advantage of Marketo is it has a very large and active knowledge base, which is a great resource for new users.

2. Hubspot

Pricing Starts at $ 200/month or P10,400/month

Are you a marketer who is looking for an 'all-in-one' tool which can provide you the basic functionality of several different marketing systems, then, HubSpot is an excellent choice for you. It positions itself as the world's number 1 inbound marketing platform. HubSpot can help you pretty much in organizing everything from your email marketing campaigns, creating forms & landing pages, setting up chatbots to your website and so on. What's more powerful about this automation tool is its ability to integrate different platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads.


Pricing Starts at $75/month or P3,900/month is a platform mainly used to automate your lifecycle messages. With it, you can connect with your customers based on what they do or don't do in your app. Thus, you can able to trigger the correct email or notification content for your customers at the right time. With more relevant content, you can increase both your engagement and conversion.

4. ExactTarget

Pricing: Contact their sales team

ExactTarget is one of the most unique marketing automation tools today. Unlike other tools that are focusing on helping marketers with their email marketing, ExactTarget focuses on communicating with your customers on multiple channels like mobile apps, SMS (right when their need your product and services according to their behavior) and even other digital products. With ExactTarget, you may also integrate different digital marketing channels like Google Analytics so you can have a one bird's eye view of your customers.

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5. Eloqua

Pricing Starts at $2000/month or P104,000/month

Probably one of the most expensive among all the marketing automation tools in the market today but yet, you can't deny how powerful this tool is. It is an enterprise-level software produced by one of the top companies in the world providing B2B solutions, Oracle. Like Hubspot, it does pretty much everything.

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Final Thoughts

From traditional marketing, digital marketing opens a lot of different channels for marketers to utilize. As a result, the need to integrate and further utilize these channels rises. In today's marketing industry, it is a must for marketers to master digital marketing and same thing with marketing automation tools.

Let's face it, traditional marketing is dying and the need for digital marketing expertise has very high demand. As marketers, we need to accept this and learn to adapt. Learning a specific marketing automation tool can play a big role in your career as you can create impact and contribution to organizations by simply learning marketing automation tools.

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