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Top 5 Surprising Valentine’s Gift for Your Employees!

Few more days left before the most awaited day of most couples out there! Oh wait, who said that Valentine’s Day is only for lovers? February is the time to celebrate love, and love can be expressed and interpreted in different ways. It could be love for your family, friends, special someone (of course!), and even for your employees. That being said, it only goes to show that love is for EVERYONE. And yes, you’ve heard it right - anyone is entitled to it, including your staff at work.

To help you with your quick Valentine treat preparation, we’ve listed top 5 surprising gifts for your employees this coming Valentines’ Day:

Surprise #1 Chocolates: A Sweet Treat


This may be a common treat during Valentine’s Day, but a box of delectable and delicious chocolates will definitely suffice to surprise your employees! And for that surprise plan of yours to work out, you have to make sure that you arrive early in the office so that you still have time to leave your treats on each of your employee’s desk.

Surprise #2 Roses: A Passionate Treat


Ask yourself first these questions: How many staff do you have in your team? Is majority of them comprise of females? If your answer to this question is “yes” then flowers or roses could be your go-to Valentine treat. It will definitely make them smile all throughout the festive day.

Surprise #3 Cake: A Delectable treat!

Heart shaped cake for Valentine's Day or mother's day on wooden background

Who doesn’t love sweets? Other than chocolates bars, cakes can also be a good Valentine treat to surprise your employees. Moreover, cake is a staple food whenever there is a celebration, especially among Filipinos. What’s more, you get to eat that lovely, heart-shaped chocolate cake together with your team, which will surely have an impact to your team’s overall morale in the long-run.

Surprise #4 Lunch-Out: A Mouth-Watering Treat!

Young people eating in Thai restaurant

We Filipinos love to eat. That’s a fact. But do you want to know what we love most? FREE FOOD!!! If you haven’t thought of anything to give to your employees, this can be your easy way out – treat them to lunch and have a group date on Valentine’s Day!

Surprise #5 Sodexo Gift Certificates with a personal note: A Surprising and Memorable Treat

 Sodexo Gift certificates

One way to make your employees feel appreciated is by acknowledging their work and contribution to the company. It could be in a form of a note with a simple “Thank You” message and “Valentine” greetings. And to make it more memorable, you could always add a twist to it by slipping in Sodexo Premium Passes in your letter (that’s definitely going to be a surprise!).

Employee Rewards GIF

Valentine’s Day is indeed the best time to show how much you valued your employees. So, on the coming festive day, share the love with your staff, and warm their heart with our “Always and Forever” Sodexo Gift Certificates that they will surely enjoy in more than 10,000 merchants nationwide!