Sodexo+: What It Is and How It Can Help Your Business - Sodexo

Sodexo+: What It Is and How It Can Help Your Business

Sodexo+, your new partner in gifting and rewards

Sodexo+, your favorite GC, plus more!

Sodexo+ is our newest solution at a time when speed, safety, and efficiency are of utmost importance. With Sodexo+, you can send out the country’s leading and most versatile gift certificate to a free app through an easy to use web portal.

How Sodexo+ Can Help Your Business 

Sodexo+ is here

1. It lets you do everything anytime, anywhere through an easy-to-use web portal. 

Boost employee engagement and productivity with a seamless digital experience.

✓ Instant Reward. Deliver rewards and benefits right on schedule in just a few clicks.

✓ Instant Distribution. Distribute benefits nationwide, in a safe, contactless manner.

✓ Instant Storage. Manage your rewards fund and monitor stock inventory online.

✓ Instant Reports. Access real-time and detailed reporting to improve your rewards program.

2. It is the only Sodexo gift certificate that allows partial redemption. 

Your recipients can now enjoy their rewards and benefits up to the last centavo. Learn the easy ways to pay using the Sodexo+ by watching this video.

3. It is accepted in the most preferred and popular merchants nationwide. 

Sodexo+ is accepted in over 5,000 merchants nationwide, including the top grocery stores and most preferred dining establishments. #LookForThePlus at or watch this video to know more.

App Features 

Sodexo+ App Features

EASY. Experience faster in-store transactions in just a few taps.

HASSLE-FREE. Say goodbye to lost, damaged, and expired GCs.

FLEXIBLE. Enjoy partial redemption of your digital GCs at our partner merchants.

CONTACTLESS. Embrace a safer and more hygienic rewards experience.

SECURE. Enable a PIN or fingerprint scan to access your rewards.

SHAREABLE. Send GC credits to anyone, anytime, in any amount.

Watch this video to know more. Enjoy!