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3 Reasons Why Premium Pass is the #BestGiftEver

Halloween is finally over, and it can only mean one thing for all of us – Christmas season is officially on!

Aside from the usual corporate Christmas giveaways, businesses’ usual go-to gifts this season are gift certificates. There are various reasons why employers prefer giving gift certificates to their employees instead of material gifts, and one of these is the ease of distribution.

Gift vouchers are also one of the top gifts that employees want to receive. According to a study done by the U.S. Incentive Federation, gift certificates were the most wanted items in the merchandise category. Three out of four respondents said they could have a more exciting and memorable experience by using gift certificates instead of cash.

In the Philippines, employees are also looking forward to receiving gift certificates no matter the season. Gift vouchers have become one of the most requested items as Christmas exchange gifts, wedding gifts, and even in birthday parties.

And when you talk about gift vouchers in the Philippines, one of the first things that immediately come to mind is the Sodexo Premium Pass. It gives you flexibility in shopping and thousands of choices on where to use your gift certificates.

Reasons why Premium Pass is the #BestGiftEver


Choose your reward

Reasons Why Premium Pass is the #BestGiftEver - Choose Your Reward

With thousands of merchants across the Philippines, employees can freely choose how they want to use their gift certificates. They can shop for outfits and other basic needs in the largest malls, go grocery shopping in premium supermarkets, buy the trendiest gadgets and appliances, and even dine in the most in-demand restaurants in the country.


Let your loved ones experience convenient shopping, too

Reasons Why Premium Pass is the #BestGiftEver - experience convenience shopping

Employees are not the only ones who can enjoy the benefits of the Premium Pass. They can buy gifts for their loved ones or buy them meals using the gift vouchers. And with a wide range of accredited merchants, they can easily find and purchase the things that they’re eyeing for the longest time.


More Exciting and Unforgettable Experience

Reasons Why Premium Pass is the #BestGiftEver - More Exciting

With all the choices and memorable shopping experience, employees do not feel guilty about treating themselves because they see gift certificates as rewards for a job well done. They also consider this kind of gift more special than cash because it can be used for a particular reason, away from the usual budget of the individual. They can either keep it and use it when they feel to or use it right away for their specific or urgent needs.

Sodexo Premium Pass offers all these and more! Let your recipients Enjoy, Share, and Repeat the unforgettable shopping experience again and again.

Want to experience the Sodexo Premium Pass advantage and find out why this is the #BestGiftEver? Learn more about the Premium Pass by contacting Sodexo Hotline at (632) 689-4789 or email us at

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